7 Interesting Facts About the Frasassi Caves

Tweet The Frasassi Caves are by far one of the most incredible areas of natural beauty I have ever seen in Italy. The dark pools of crystalline water and humongous stalagmites and stalactites are an entirely natural phenomenon, something which only adds to their extraordinary appeal. In a country where your first thought is usually of the food, art, or history, it was a […]

Survey: Why do you read RunawayJane.com?

Tweet I’ve created a quick survey that I’d really love for you to complete. It’s only 10 questions, but it will give me an idea of who you are and why you visit this website. More importantly, it will give me an idea of how to make this site better for you. I promise it will only […]

An Instagramer’s Guide to Marche, Italy

Tweet   This past week I had the opportunity to shadow some of Europe’s top Instagramers around the region of Marche in Italy. As we toured, explored and photographed Marche I couldn’t help but be over-awed by the natural AND man-made beauty of this place. If you’re someone interested in visiting beautiful destinations then you’ll love this stunning Italian region. So with […]

Video: 5 Ways to Say ‘Drunk’ in Scottish!

Tweet I’ve been spending a bit of time here at home in Scotland after my latest big trip away, and when I’m back I often make these silly videos (see below) about my home country. They contain vital information such as (in this case) 5 ways to say the word ‘drunk’ in Scottish! If you […]

Travel blogs you should be reading (if you’re not already!)

Tweet If you’re looking for some cool and interesting travel or destination focused blogs to check out then below are some of my personal favourites at the moment! All offer something unique in my opinion. Backpacker Becki Why you should read Becki’s blog; The reason why I love Becki’s blog is because she often travels to more obscure or controversial […]

10 Cheapest Cities in South America (for hostel prices)

Tweet Choosing where you travel in the world can make a big difference as to how long you can travel too. If a country or city is cheaper to live in then you can last much longer there than you can somewhere more expensive on your travel cash. With that in mind I thought it […]

A World Cup Guide to Brazil

Tweet Having recently returned from Brazil, and with the World Cup fast approaching in June, I thought it would be useful to share some information on travel within the country. Whether you want to know how much things will cost, the cheapest way to get around Brazil, safety tips, how to get there, or what areas in town you […]

Premier Inn Newcastle Quayside Review

Tweet This past weekend I stayed at the Premier Inn Newcastle Quayside hotel. For those of you who may not know, the Premier Inn (formerly known as the Travel Inn), is the largest UK hotel brand with over 650 hotels and 50,000 rooms. They focus primarily on the budget end of the market, offering affordably priced hotels rooms across the UK. […]

10 Things You Should Know If You’re Coming To South America

Tweet I recently completed 5 months of travelling in South America, and as with any place that you have spent several months in, you learn a lot while you’re there. Despite being an experienced traveller before this venture I’ve learned a lot about travel (and life) since I came and went to South America, much of which I […]

First Impressions of Cartagena (Colombia)

Tweet If you’re thinking of visiting the Colombian city of Cartagena at some point in the future then you may be interested in my opinions of the city (which I visited in January.) Hopefully they help give you an idea of what to expect before you go to Cartagena and you can therefore plan accordingly. Hot and humid! Cartagena […]