10 Longest Train Journeys In The World

If you’re looking for something epic to do this year, taking on one, some, or all of the world’s longest train journeys could be an option?

1. Moscow to Vladivostok

Covering 9259 km, and taking 178 hrs (7 days), the Russian Railways operated Moscow to Vladivostok train takes you 67 stops from Russia’s capital city in the West of the country to the Far East. With Russia spanning 2 continents, this train will take you from Europe to Asia without leaving Russia.

2. Moscow to Beijing via Harbin

Trains operated by Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railway hold the record for the maximum number of long distance passenger trains. As such, the 2nd longest rail journey in the world also operates from Moscow, this time running to Beijing,  and also passing through Harbin. Covering 8984 km, and lasting 144 hrs (6 days), this joint Russian & China Railways journey stops 44 times, departing weekly.

3. Moscow to Beijing via Ulan Bator

The Trans-Mongolian route from Moscow to Beijing via Ulan Bator, covers a distance of 7826 km.  A popular journey because of it’s itinerary, taking in Russian, Mongolia, and China over a distance of 7826 km, this rail route lasts for 131 hrs (5 days).

4. Guangzhou to Lhasa

Guangzhou (China) to Lhasa (Tibet), operated by Qing Tibet Railway, is the longest train journey in the world outside of the Trans-Siberian Railway. At 4980 km, making 10 stops, and lasting 54.5 hrs (2.25 days), this could be the perfect long distance rail journey for someone who have already experienced the Trans-Siberian.

5. Toronto to Vancouver

If you want to cross North America without flying, then the 4466 km journey from Toronto to Vancouver is an option. Making 66 stops along the way, this VIA Rail operated train takes 86 hrs (3.5 days) to complete… a staggering 1.25 days longer than Guangzhou to Lhasa, despite the Canadian distance being somewhat shorter.

6. Shanghai to Lhasa

Another journey operated by Qing Tibet Railway, Shanghai to Lhasa covers a distance of 4373 km, lasting just under 49 hrs (2 days).

7. Sydney to Perth

Experiencing the Great Southern Railway from the East coast of Australia to the West will take you a 4352 km, and last 65 hrs (2.5 days), stopping 26 times. Train departs Bi-Weekly.

8. Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari

The Indian Railways operated train from Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari covers a distance of 4286 km, stopping 52 times, and just under 83 hrs (3.5 days).

9. Shanghai to Urumqi

Another China based rail journey, this LongHai Railways operated train from Shanghai to Urumqi runs 4077 km, stopping 24 times, departing daily, and lasting 45 hrs 15 mins (2 days).

10. Emeryville to Chicago

From Emeryville California to Chicago Illinois, this is the longest rail journey in the USA, a country not typically known for having such an extensive rail network like it’s European neighbours across the pond. This Amtrak operated journey covering 3924 km, and lasting 52 hrs (2 days+) could be the perfect opportunity to experience a different style of transport in the USA than the typical road trip or domestic flight.


13 Responses to “10 Longest Train Journeys In The World”

  1. Madhu Nair says:

    Interesting list … tempted to try Emeryville to Chicago since I am currently in the SF area 🙂 may be rent a car and come back via Route 66.

    Not sure of the Diburgarh to Kanyakumari train ride … I never really enjoyed traveling in trains in India.

    Interesting website … !

  2. Kelsi says:

    Cool list. I love traveling by train. It makes me feel like Harry Potter might show up. 😉

  3. adnan says:

    you forget the train guangzhou to urumqi about 4600km

  4. Timmy says:

    I love traveling in the trains and Trains in my country(India) are lifelines.
    So i was curious to know longest train routes, i was aware of Dibrugarh-Kannaiyakumari and Lhasa train but the Moscow-Vladivostok route is a useful addition to my knowledge.
    Interesting list!!

  5. Are all routes from Moscow?

  6. Bart says:

    Two times a month a coach to Pyonyang is added to the Moscow to Vladivostok train, passing the 10k km…..

  7. Laurent Vleminckx says:

    @Bart : yes, furthermore, that train begins its route in Kiev, Ukraine : the Kiev-Pyongyang route is thus the longest direct train journey of the world. Note that it is normally impossible to make such a trip for any tourist, but one guy has done it : http://vienna-pyongyang.blogspot.be/

  8. Jaaved Khan says:

    Interesting list … I would like to travel Shanghai to Lhasa.

    My journey was delhi to Diburgarh … I never travel from Dibrugarh to Kaniyakumari from this train. But really I enjoyed traveling in trains in India.

    Interesting website … !

  9. Ernie Martin says:

    I traveled on Himsagar Express train from Kaniyakumari (Lands End)in deep South India to Jammu Tawi in Kashmir. It took 72 hours. I think it used to be the longest distance in India by train in India in 2008. Also, I traveled on Guwahati Express from Dwarka in western Gujarat to Guwahati, in Assam, it took almost 70 hours, with a 4 hour delay. I traveled in Indian long distance trains for 5 weeks back in 2008. Had wonderful time, and was very exciting. My next train travel goal: Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Vladisvostok. (This is 7 days (6 nights).

    • Ernie Martin says:

      Yes, I fulfilled one of my bucket list goal: I did ride the Trans-Siberian train Rossiya 002(popular with tourists), in Jun 2017, from Moscow to Vladivostok. It took 144 hours to complete the journey. Actually it is 7 nights, and going through 7 time zones. I enjoyed the journey, and soon will be writing a blog. If anybody planning to do this epic journey, learn little basic Russian words, and some Russian Cyrillic Alphabet. Train attendants(provodnitsas) do not speak English.

  10. Roderick Smith says:

    Moskva (Russia) – Pyongyang (North Korea) is longer than the Vladivostok run (close to 10 000 km). I did it westbound in 1993. Currently, the route is unavailable for westerners without special approval; a UK group is travelling that way in Oct.15.

  11. Hi, this is great list. I am planning to do the No.8 train – Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari in Dec 2015.

    But somebody please help me on the 1st in the list. If I have a tourist visa for Russia, do I have to do any other formalities with Russian authorities to travel in this train ?

    • Ernie Martin says:

      Hello Shaunak, once you arrive in Russia, for instance Moscow, you must register your visa within 7 days (sometimes called visa registration). This is usually done by the hotel/hostel in Russia or travel agency (mine done through travel agency and they have an office in Moscow and USA). Please check with Russian embassy if your stay is very short just to ride the train from Moscow to Vladivostok and also inquire the hotel/hostel. I traveled on this train Rossiya 002(June 2017, it took 144 hours), and prior to getting on the train, spent 4 nights in Moscow. Happy train journey!


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