10 Unusual Restaurants From Around The World

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Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar

Renowned for wonderful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere, Zanzibar also features one of the most unusual and perhaps most picturesque restaurants in the world. In the south of the island lies The Rock Restaurant. The name says it all. The restaurant literally sits on top of a large rock, which is situated in the middle of a beach. At low tide you can walk out to the rock, but at high tide, it becomes marooned. When you reach the rock you climb a wooden ladder to reach the restaurant. It is a small, with only three tables in the dining room, and is owned by the local village. It is very much a local affair, where you are likely to be served a platter of seafood, prepared with a few beers to wash it down.

Red Sea Star Restaurant, Israel

Rather than sitting above the sea, you can dine underneath it at the Red Sea Star Restaurant. Situated just off the coast of Eilat, the restaurant offers diners the chance to eat and watch the fascinating marine and coral life at the same time. The restaurant is located five meters below sea level. Each table has two windows offering diners a chance to watch an ever changing view of the local marine life swimming past in the brightly coloured coral garden. One window is located in the wall and the other in the ceiling above the diners’ heads, offering a unique dining experience. The food served in the Red Sea Star restaurant is a mix of exotic meat and seafood dishes. There is room for 105 guests in the seated area and a bar where guests can relax afterwards. Opening hours are from 10am – 1am. At night, the restaurant is softly lit so that the local marine life is not disturbed but can still be seen by diners.

Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand

Another restaurant that gives a sense of its surroundings is the Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand. Located in a pod structure suspended ten meters high in a Redwood tree, diners reach the restaurant along an elevated treetop walkway. It has capacity for thirty guests and can also be used for a buffet style event.

Ristorante da Pancrazio, Italy

The Ristorante da Pancrazio gives a unique sense of history to diners. The restaurant is located above the arcades of the remains of the old theatre of Pompey, built 2000 years ago. The menu is extensive and features traditional Roman specialities.

The Hospitalis Restaurant, Latvia

The Hospitalis Restaurant in Riga, Latvia depends on a theme rather than location to attract visitors. The whole restaurant has been designed and themed as a hospital. Tables and chairs are designed to look like hospital wards or operating rooms. The waitresses are all dressed up as nurses and customers can even be tied up in straitjackets. The food is served in flasks or on operating dishes, which come complete with surgical implements including syringes, tweezers and scissors. The colour scheme of the restaurant is red and white.

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

The Modern Toilet in Taipei, Taiwan is also a restaurant which relies on a theme to attract customers. As with Hospitalis, it is a theme that can put people off as much as attract. As the name suggests, everything in the restaurant has a toilet theme. The restaurant can seat 100 diners but rather than use chairs, all customers sit on a toilet bowl. Even the food carries on this theme, with mains being served in dishes shaped as a mini toilet and a desert menu where you can order ice cream that comes shaped as faeces. Definitely not to everyone’s taste!

The Alcatraz, Japan

The Alcatraz restaurant in Tokyo, Japan is another restaurant where the concept is not immediately attractive to everyone. The restaurant is themed to be like Alcatraz prison. Diners are escorted to their cells and served with a cocktail called lethal injection before being served their food.

Dans Le Noir, England

Dans Le Noir is a restaurant in London which has a very unusual selling point – everything is done in the dark. All the waiting staff are blind and lead diners to their place. Tables are shared with other diners, which allows guests to share their experiences and chat with strangers. The total darkness apparently encourages guests to talk to one another more freely as there are no distractions. Guests are given a choice of different coloured menus where white means it could include anything, green means it is vegetarian, red means no seafood and blue means seafood. Beyond that there is no choice and diners eat what they are given. As it is in complete darkness, there is no cutlery and all diners eat with their fingers. Part of the fun of going to the restaurant is trying to guess what you are eating. After guests have finished eating they are taken to the bar and told what they have eaten.

De Kas, Holland

De Kas in Amsterdam takes freshness of ingredients to another level. The restaurant is located in a converted greenhouse. Surrounding the greenhouse is a nursery where most of the food served in the restaurant is grown. The restaurant aims to serve produce that has been picked from their own grounds only hours before. What they can’t grow themselves, they source from local suppliers. Food in the restaurant is based on rustic Mediterranean food with a strong emphasis on fresh local vegetables.

Hotel Sidi Driss, Tunisia

Fans of Star Wars will already be familiar with the final restaurant on our list, which was used during filming as the location for Lars Homestead on Tatooine, the home of Luke Skywalker. Located in an ancient Berber troglodyte dwelling, the Hotel Sidi Driss restaurant in Mamata, Tunisia, is ideal for those who like films and unusual eating locations. The restaurant is in one of the five pits and is still decorated as the Lars dining room.

A unique location or theme can definitely help your dining experience. Even if the food served in some of these locations is not to your particular taste, each restaurant is definitely worth visiting at least once for the experience.

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