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Photo Of The Week – Basilica De Nuestra Senora, Zaragoza

This photo was actually taken with my camera phone while in Zaragoza. I love the cathedrale.

Top 5 Things You Need As A Traveller

Throughout my travels I have found there are a number of skills, products, services, and pieces of advice that have come in very useful while on the road. Below are my top 5 essentials for long term travel.   Skype – Skype is by far and away one of the most useful services I have found […]

Sydney Vs Melbourne

With almost every country I have been to, there is often a sense of friendly rivalry between two of the larger cities. From Glasgow and Edinburgh, Barcelona Madrid, Paris Marseille, or anywhere else, there is always a sense of competition, and Australia is no stranger to this with it two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Whether it’s the sporting prowess, culture, general […]

Why Australia Is Great For First Time Backpackers

Three and half year ago I set off on my first backpacking adventure travelling around Australia. These days I’d like to think my horizon’s have broadened as far as challenging myself and experiencing new cultures, however, if you have never been backpacking before, Australia is definitely a great place to make that transition and first step, […]

Photo of the Week – Sunrise In Esperance

Sunrise in Esperance, South West Australia.  

A Look Into Scottish Culture

I recently came across a news article on the BBC website that said on average Scottish people drink 47 bottles of vodka each per year. Personally I don’t think this statistic is entirely accurate, however it did get me thinking about Scottish Culture in general, of which there is no denying we enjoy a drink! In a […]

Top 5 Things To Do In Edinburgh

1. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival – The Edinburgh Fringe Festival takes place from 6th to 30th of August every year and attracts a huge variety of acts from all over the world. Last year I went to see comedians Jimmy Carr, Jim Jeffries, Jack Whitehall, and Rhys Darby. Not only that, but tickets usually only […]