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How To Beat The Coming Home Blues and Get Back On The Road Again

I know only to well what it feels like to have to return home with the dreaded thought of returning to the job/life/people we left for in the first place. The coming home blues has hit me hard in the past, and although I have never really found a complete solution to it, these are […]

Photo Of The Week – Concert At The Fiesta del Pilar

Taken with my camera phone at the Fiesta del Pilar, Zaragoza.

My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets

I was recently tagged by Marta and Chris at to write my 3 best kept travel secrets. So here they are:   The Water of Leith There is a stunning walkway running along the water of leith in Edinburgh that not even many locals have seen. You can enter it half way along in the picturesque […]

Too Many Space Cakes and My Unexpected Trip To Holland

I had my first experience of Holland almost 2 years ago now, and it was unexpected to say the least. I had been on my way to visit friends near Düsseldorf, when a few days before my flight I decided to check out the transport from the airport to the city. I suddenly realised that what Ryan […]

Travel Documentation and Hand Luggage

I recently wrote a post on Backpack Basics and What I Carry In Mine. This got me thinking about the other things you need to bring with you while travelling that you don’t necessarily carry in your main luggage, but on your person or in your hand luggage. Below is a list of some items […]

Backpack Basics and What I Carry In Mine

One common problem which many backpackers seem to face when starting out is what to take with them on their journey, and how much they should pack. Below I’ve listed some of my backpack basics, and what I carry in mine In no particular order: Clothes The more and more I travel the less and […]

Photo Of The Week – Snowman In Edinburgh

The work of art that is our snow man! 😛

Can You Find Love On The Road?

With Valentines Day approaching, and thousands of solo travellers across the world, I decided to have a look at relationships on the road, and whether they can really go the distance. For me, finding love on the road has never been a problem. Sustaining it, however seems to be something I have never quite grasped […]

My Top 5 Travel Films

There have been some great travel films over the years. To many for me to watch them all, but below are some of my favourites so far. The Beach – Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, The Beach is a film about backpackers who are searching for that piece of paradise that is off the beaten track, but in […]

Zaragoza, Spain

Back in October I took a trip over to Zaragoza to visit some old friends of mine.  Until that visit my only previous experience of Spain was as a kid on family holidays. As a result of this, most of my previous experiences had unfortunately been spent in package holiday destinations, where there are more British […]