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Photo Of The Week – Ahaus, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Trans-Siberian Plans

  I have been looking for a new adventure to really get my teeth into for a while now, but with so many places on my wish list, I had been finding it hard to really get a set goal in mind. That was until I came across the idea of travelling from the uk […]

My Top Safety Tips For Travelers

During any of my previous travels I’ve always found that things are never as scary as they may seem in the beginning. Generally speaking as long as you follow the same safety rules as you do back home you should be ok. However with female travelers in particular, safety seems to be a prime concern before […]

Why Travel Is Not About Running Away

There is no denying that some people use travel as a means of escaping the 9 to 5. Whether it be long term travellers doing it as a profession, gap year kids, or just your average tourist on their 2 week break abroad. One question I get asked all the time when I return back home […]

Photo Of The Week – Park Güell, Barcelona

Photo Of The Week – Coogee To Bondi Walk, Naked Ladies Sculpture

My Top Travel Films Part 2

I recently wrote a post on my top travel films, however after remembering a few forgotten classics, and watching a few suggestions from friends, i’ve decided to make an addition to my ever growing list of top travel films. In no particular order: Into The Wild – I had seen a documentary about this some […]

Is Package Tourism Ruining The World?

I recently had a discussion with my parents about what they would like to do with their upcoming retirement and travel seemed to be top of the agenda. One thing that struck me though throughout the whole conversation was that even though they have a curiosity and interest for other countries and cultures, they have always flocked towards package […]

Is There Such A Thing As A Travel Snob?

Throughout my travels I have found that many people are quick to compare their conquests – where they have been, how many countries, how many of them are “off the beaten path”, what type of traveller they/you are, eg backpacker, flash packer, eco traveller etc. There are certainly different kinds of travel and it’s good to recognise […]

My Top 5 Female Travel Bloggers

  Today is International Woman’s Day, so I thought it would be  good excuse to list my top 5 female bloggers at the moment. All of these woman have inspired me through their travels, with some even being part of the reason I started to blog in the first place. I hope they can inspire you as much […]