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Can You Be To Old To Backpack?

Today’s guest post is by Ross Cameron from New Adventures In Backpacking. Over the last 5 years Ross has travelled extensively through Australia, South East Asia, and South America. During his most recent venture to New Zealand however, he begins to question whether you can still be a backpacker in your late 20’s. In my mind […]

Top 5 Things I Love About Travel

I love travel. It’s what motivates me, inspires me, and gets me out of bed in the morning! In fact, the whole reason I set up this blog was because I wanted to travel for the rest of my life. So with that in mind, I have decided to list the top 5 things I […]

Photo of the Week – The Real Budget Backpackers Mode of Transport!

Note: Please don’t attempt to travel like this! 😛

Language Study Abroad – How to Make the Most of It

Today’s guest post is by Brooke Schoenman from Brooke Vs The World. Brooke has a variety of experience learning languages abroad, from learning Spanish in Guatemala, to Russian in Kyrgyzstan. This is her thoughts on language study abroad, and how to make the most of it.   Take it from me, a language study junky, […]

Why Not Flying Can Offer A Richer Experience

If the recent volcanic eruptions and flights chaos in Europe has brought anything to the forefront this week in my mind, it is just how fragile the system of air travel is in Europe, and also how less stressful it is to travel by land and sea! Over the last 2 years I have been […]

Photo of the Week – Taking Over The Park With The Irish!

Jumping On The Twitter Bandwagon!

I was late to join twitter. Infact, even when I did join, I was reluctant to use it! I treated it like I treat most new social networking sites, where I would sign up to stop recieving the email requests, add a couple of people, and then in most cases never use it again! However, […]

Photo of the Week – Playing With Fire


Scotland largest city, and the UK’s third most populated, Glasgow is a city bursting with character! In it’s darkest times it has seen the worst crime statisics in Europe, and in it’s best it has been known for some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Life in Glasgow is not the cold, hard […]

5 Travel Bloggers to Get You Motivated!

Every month it seems there are new travel blogs emerging, with more people than ever striving towards a location independent lifestyle. I love reading all things travel, and it is especially encouraging to see new talent joining the travel blogging community, however I believe the most recent surge is due infact to the success and […]