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Backpacker Specials – Edinburgh

Today’s guest post is by Colm Hanratty (@colmhanratty), Editor of (@hostelworld). In this post Colm tells us of two bars in Edinburgh that have special meal offers specifically targeted at backpackers. I began working with over seven years ago, and since then I have travelled to many cities around the world to record […]

Can Travel Change The World?

So many of the world’s problems are caused by ignorance, a lack of understanding, and a pre-conception of ideas filtered through the media. It would be hard for news channels, newspapers, and tabloids to scare monger people away from an area, culture, or people, (as they so often do) if those watching had experienced that […]

Photo of the Week – Pirate Party! Arrrrr!

Interview with Christine Gilbert

Today’s interview is with Christine Gilbert from Almost Fearless. Christine is a succesful freelance writer, blogger, and digital nomad. She lives a life that most aspiring writers dream of, and she does this while traveling the world with her husband, child, and two big slobbery dogs! Christine kindly took some time out to answer some […]

5 Tips for Travel on a Budget in the UK

The UK is one of the most popular destinations for travelers from all around the world. One of the main downsides to coming here however, is how expensive it is! So many travelers, particularly budget backpackers, find that coming to the UK takes a huge chuck out of their travel fund, and I’ve met many […]

5 Tips For Traveling As A Couple

Today’s guest post is by Sofia from As We Travel. Nathan and Sofia have been blogging about their travels since 2008, and have traveled together to a variety of destinations including Oceania, South East Asia, and Europe. Here, Sofia gives us her top 5 tips for traveling together as a couple. Nathan and I have been […]

Photo of the Week – MCG Stadium

The enormous MCG Stadium, Melbourne. Taken with my camera phone.

Scottish Food

Scotland has one of the worst national diets in the world! At one point we were voted the unhealthiest nation in Europe, with the largest percentage of heart disease and diabetes in the entire continent, caused in large part by what we eat! If you are visiting the country however, you can’t leave without tasting […]

Top 3 Things Female Travelers Have to Deal With – and How To Combat Them!

As much as I hate to admit it, female travel does involve taking some things into consideration that male travelers just don’t need to think about as much. Whether it’s the obvious safety precautions, beauty products, or periods! There will always be some things that a girl has to think about before she hits the […]

Is Traveling Solo Better Than As A Couple?

As a young single traveler, I love my life on the road traveling solo, and being able to travel where I want, when I want, at the drop of a hat. Recently however, I read a post by titled How Would Your Travels Change If You Were Single. In it they also asked solo […]