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The Downsides of Travelling Green

As someone who is passionate about travelling green, I regularly seek ways in which to travel that pose as little effect on the environment as possible. Where I am currently based however in the UK, it seems to make less and less sense to travel green, both financially and in terms of journey time. Travelling […]

London’s Top 5 Attractions

London is one of the world’s major cities, with over 26 million visitors every year. There are many reasons why so many people visit the UK’s capitol city over this period, the main attractions being one of them. Although I would always advise getting off the tourist trail, and discovering a place outwith the main […]

Photo of the Week – Edinburgh Sky

Taken with my camera phone from Edinburgh’s North Bridge.

Top 6 Travel Discount Cards

International Student Identity Card (ISIC) The International Student Identity Card is a available to full-time students and Gap Year travellers with a confirmed deferred or UCAS placement. There are over 40,000 discounts available in over 100 countries, and the card is accepted most places Worldwide. Discounts include things like guidebooks, restaurants, travel gear, hotels, tours, […]

How to avoid stress as you travel

Every year people from all walks of life depart on their travels. Whether it’s a Gap Year, mid-career break, a standard 2 week holiday, or something more… In most cases we all choose to go travelling for similar reasons – we want to get away from everyday life for a while. When people think of […]

Travel Tuesday Feature – Ant Stone of

Last Tuesday I was unexpectedly featured in a #traveltuesday weekly special on Sta Travel Buzz, and it has inspired me to do something similar here on Every Tuesday, as well as my usual #TT list on twitter, I will highlight one travel blogger, writer, or travel related person I think deserves a special mention. […]

Things I Will Miss About New Zealand

Today’s guest post is by Ross Cameron from New Adventures In Backpacking. Ross is approaching the end of his year long stay in New Zealand, and 6 months living in the city of Wellington. He writes about the things he will miss upon leaving… For me one of the best things about travelling after an […]

Online TEFL Course VS In the Classroom

Before you read this post you may want to read “what’s involved in a TEFL Course”. I recently took part in 2 TEFL courses, one of which was based completely in the classroom, and the other online. I wanted to compare the difference between the two, as there were many advertised online, as well as […]