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Airline Travel Fees – know what you’re paying for

Todays post is brought to you by Airfare prices are at an all-time low as budget airlines frantically compete to offer the lowest prices on the best flights. What many passengers scooping up cheap tickets may be surprised to learn about are the additional charges and fees for what used to be considered a […]

Photo of the Week – Block Sculpture

What does a travel blogger need to work and travel?

One of the common problems faced by travel bloggers on the road is how to manage both travel and blogging at the same time. Spend too much time blogging trying to make money, and it kind of defeats the purpose of trying to escape the work slog of the rat race. Yet, if you spend […]

Travel Tuesday Feature – Indie Travel Podcast

Today’s travel tuesday feature goes to two of the more well known travel bloggers and podcasters within the travel blogging community, and that is Craig and Linda Martin from the Indie Travel Podcast! For those who don’t already know, the Indie Travel Podcast is a Lonely Planet award winning travel podcast broadcast weekly by Craig […]

The Travel Blogging Update – 3

Lot’s has been happening here at that I thought I’d update you all on. It’s been an exciting few weeks, with lots of new opportunities arising. Some of which I’m excited to tell you about, and others I will have to keep quite for a little while longer! Newsletter (it’s free!) Some of you […]

Photo of the Week – Vintage Car, Motor Museum, West Australia

How to pick the right type of travel insurance

As I mentioned in a previous post, travel insurance is the most important thing you should think about prior to departure on any trip abroad. Picking the right travel insurance to fit your particular type of trip, or style of travel, is also very important however. Everybody is different. Some people may go on a […]

TBEX Europe – Who’s Coming?

When TBEX ’10 was held in New York during the summer, I don’t think I was the only travel blogger to have wished that she was there! Aside from all the great learning and networking opportunities, the whole event just sounded like a lot of fun, and I made a promise that I would try […]

Photo of the Week – Kangaroo Statue!

Top 5 Things To Do In Sydney

I spent 3 months living and working in Sydney before moving on to other areas throughout Australia, on my last visit to the city. In that time I managed to get a much more in depth view of what life was like from a local’s perspective there than I could have otherwise. Equally, I was […]