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Photo of the Week – Walking in on a photoshoot!

Whilst in the Czech Republic, I accidently walked into a model taking part in a photoshoot! As I walked away I managed to get a quick snap of the setting!

5 ways to make extra cash for your travels

It’s a fact of life; we all need money to travel. The more we have, the longer we can make our trip last. There are many things you can do in order to make money both pre and post departure. The following appear to be some of the easiest to implement, and also the most […]

What to do when you lose your passport abroad

For the first time ever in my life I had something bad happen while I was travelling. I was robbed of my passport, phone, and all my money (including bank/credit cards) as well as all identification documents whilst here in Amsterdam. Thankfully I wasn’t hurt in any way but it has meant the last few days of […]

Photo of the Week – Tower View

How to survive your childs Gap Year (A guest post by my mum!)

[Note from Jane] When I first went travelling at the tender age of 17, it was like a bolt out of the blue for my parents. I remember telling them almost continually about all the ideas and hopes for the future that I had, but I don’t think they really took me seriously until I […]

First Impressions of Prague

As I depart Prague for Amsterdam later today, I am left with the feeling that I did not get to see nearly as much as what Prague as a city has to offer. Six days is just not enough in this city. Overall there are 5 things which really stood out for me during my […]

Photo of the Week – Rooftops of Prague

A Weekend in Dublin

Today’s guest post is by Alex Johnson, contributing Editor from World Reviewer is a site all about providing travellers with inspiration for their next trip Dublin is a fantastic city filled with history, friendly people and lots to do. My flatmates and I had such a great time here and not just because we […]

Travel Tuesday Feature – New Adventures In Backpacking

Today’s Travel Tuesday feature goes to my good friend, and fellow travel blogger, Ross Cameron from For those who don’t already know, Ross was the one who convinced me to go travelling in the first place, back when I was just 17. In a way, if it wasn’t for him advising me to jack […]

How to drink cheap as you travel

As much as I love sightseeing, and visiting all the attractions, one thing I also love is to have a good night out. Sometimes the best way to experience a new culture, especially if they are one that likes a drink, is just to get out there and sample the local beers, wines, or whatever […]