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How to make the most of your trip to Namibia

Today’s post was written by Femke Gow. Namibia, Africa, is located on the south-west coast and stretches across a vast landscape of natural beauty. The Etosha National Park is found within Namibia’s borders and is home to a number of elephants who stroll around the shrubs and grassy plains located here. These animals have gradually […]

Spontaneous Travel Vs A Planned Route

(Above: How I felt with my journey all planned out!) Less than a week ago I was in Poland, about to depart for Russia, when I made the spur of the moment decision to take some time out from this planned adventure to go on a spontaneous one. This may sound crazy to some people, […]

The Easiest Competition In The World!

All this week I’ll be running a competition on with two prizes up for grabs courtesy of Christine Gilbert from Christine is giving away 2 of her new ebooks – 1 copy of the Visa Book (US Citizen Version), and 1 copy of Crash Course In Getting A Job In A Cruise Ship. […]

Two forms of paradise in British Columbia

Today’s post was written by Femke Gow. If you’re looking for diversity, BC Canada is without a doubt the place to be. I have come to believe that there is not a single activity that can’t be done somewhere in the British Columbia; from surfing to backcountry skiing, to afternoon tea in a floral display […]

First Impressions of Warsaw, Poland

I had my first taste of Poland these past few days in the city of Warsaw. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this city. Having only had 4 days there, it’s impossible to really get to know a city, let alone a country, but during my little taster visit this is what struck me […]

Random Berlin Graffiti Art

This is piece of random graffiti art I came across in Berlin. It displays the technique of wheatpasting, which allows artists to prepare their work at home first, before sticking it to the wall.

2nd time around in Berlin

I visited Berlin earlier in the year for the first time, and came away from the city feeling like I hadn’t seen nearly enough as what I would have liked. Today marks the last day of my 2nd visit, and yet again I feel like there is so much more that I would like to […]

Exploring Galicia

Todays post was written by Femke Gow. Located just north of Portugal, Galicia’s exotic coastlines and white sands compose what are known as the Cies Islands, the Islands of the Gods. Although this is a massively sweeping statement, these islands are visually nothing short of God’s creations. The most popular destination for tourists is the […]

Do you think there should be an age limit for kids on public transport?

This may sound like a harsh question or point to make, but after experiencing a screaming baby for the entire 4 hours of my trip down from Edinburgh to London, followed by 2 screaming toddlers sitting 3 rows behind me on the following journey from London to Paris (all by train), I feel I am justified for at least […]

Doing it while I’m young

I embarked on my largest and most adventure-filled trip to date on Saturday. The first part of which will see me travelling from Edinburgh to Beijing without taking a single flight. After months of talking about it, a few unexpected jaunts through Europe in the mean time, and much umming and ahhing about whether I […]