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First Impressions of Sevilla

I love Seville. Pure and simple, I love that city, and I’m going back! (In fact, I am already back. This article has been sitting in my drafts for a while!) For me, Sevilla is strange one, because when my bus first drove by around the outskirts of the city, my initial reaction was actually […]

Prague – A city of two minds

Today’s post was written by Femke Gow. Prague is a city of two halves; in one view, it is a city of historical and majestic architectural beauty filled with classic buildings such as St. Nicholas Church in Old Town Square. On the other hand, beneath the exterior, is a more under cover, up and coming, […]

Pictures of the peaceful protests in Madrid (captured on 28th May 2011)

I managed to capture some pictures of what is happening right now down in Madrid’s Sol Square, where peaceful protests are currently taking place. Hopefully from these pictures you will able to get an idea of the atmosphere down here at the moment, and what is taking place.

How to eat alone while travelling solo

One of the many questions I get asked by people considering solo travel, or who have just embarked on their first solo adventure, is how do you eat alone? Do you not feel uncomfortable sitting alone in a restaurant, cafe, or bar? Do you have any tips for getting around this issue? Having travelled solo […]

First Impressions of Luxembourg

I stopped for 24 hours in Luxembourg, as one of the stop offs on my way from Warsaw to Madrid. In 24 hours all you can really do is get a first impression, and a little taster of a country, so this was mine of Luxembourg.. Beautiful Surroundings The train ride in from Cologne to […]