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Living as a local Vs Living as a backpacker

I just recently moved into a flat share in Sevilla city centre, while I am based here to learn Spanish. I must admit, after travelling for 5.5 out of the last 7 months, staying in hostels the entire time, it has been a great relief to get my own private room for a change! There […]

Temporary Change of Theme, i.e. the design has changed temporarily

For any regular readers out there at the moment, you may have noticed the site looks very different at the moment from what it usually does. I have had to temporarily change my WordPress theme, i.e. the template I use for the site which most of the design is based around. This also means my […]

First Impressions of Malaga… it’s shit!

Malaga is shit. I’m sorry, but it is. If you come from Malaga and are offended by this, please feel free to call my hometown shit anytime you want. I won’t be offended. Usually when I visit a new place, even if it’s not to my particular taste, I do always try to look for […]

First Impressions of Madrid

I recently spent a week in Madrid, Spain’s bustling capital city. I had a few ideas about what Madrid would be like prior to my arrival, that like any preconceived idea of a city, usually turns out to be completely nothing like the real thing at all! At least in my case this statement is certainly […]

Sleeping Cheap in Ljubljana

Today’s post was written by Guy Arnold. Despite Slovenia’s capital being quite a small city, it does have a lot to offer. A visit here will need to last more than a day or two, so you’ll want to bunk down somewhere convenient. Luckily, there are plenty of places to do so, all within five […]

7 Links Project: 7 Posts From My Archives

I was nominated recently by Jessica and Dani from The  Globetrotter Girls to take park in 7 links project. The project, for anyone who doesn’t know, was started by Tripbase, with the goal to unite bloggers in a joint endeavour, and create a bank of blog posts that may be buried in our archives, but […]

3 Foreign Meals You Should Try On Your Travels

Today’s post was written by Sophie Collard (@QunoSpotter). Three favourite meals from my world travelsEating is such a huge part of every culture, which makes eating local food, especially with local people, one of the real joys of travelling. Just thinking about my favourite meals always gets me scouring Google for vacation deals, or at […]

Photo of the week – Lagos