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Which is the best attraction at Universal Studios?

I recently wrote a post on Orlando, Florida. Not a typical backpackers destination I know, and not somewhere I would personally go these days, but seeing as we are on the topic I thought I’d talk about my favourite place in Orlando, and that is Universal Studios! Forget Disney World, Universal is the best big […]

How to make the most of Orlando, Florida.

Attracting around 47 million tourists per year, Orlando, Florida, is an extremely popular destination with more theme parks and entertainment attractions than any anywhere else in the world. Theme Parks Critical to Orlando’s economy was the announcement in 1965 that Walt Disney was to build Walt Disney World in the city. As a result, tourism became the […]

How to get over the language barrier in any country!

Since moving to Sevilla for the summer, a city where very little people speak English, my skills at getting over the language barrier have been tested to the max! Anywhere I travel that isn’t an English speaking country I use these skills, but in many cases in the past there has always been someone who […]

Can a backpacker go to Disneyland?

When you think of the top backpacking destinations in the world, the places most signified with a backpacking adventure, I’m sure Disneyland is probably not among them! Typically, Disneyland is not associated with this style of travel. It’s aimed at kids, families, and people with a bit more of a budget than your average “living […]

The 3 big pitfalls of travel money and how to avoid them

This post was brought to you (and written) by As with many aspects of planning your trip, the more preparation you put into it, the more you get out of it. Sorting your travel money shouldn’t be any different.  Getting the right rate when changing your currency can be a daunting and challenging task. Follow […]

What to expect from a stay in Krakow, Poland.

Today’s post was written by Guy Arnold. They’re passionate eaters With regards to cuisine, when you picture a country, Italy for example, you might think of either pizza or pasta. For France it could be fine wine and luxurious deserts. Krakow? Lots of things, actually. They love their food, and they love to stuff it […]

When is it best to experience Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia?

Today’s post was written by Nikki Selwyn. Nikki has been travelling around South America and South East Asia since the beginning of 2008. The Angkor Wat temple is the largest temple and a major architectural testament of the world that portrays the rich style of the Khmer architecture. My first impression of the Angkor Wat […]

Top 10 Things To Look For In A Hostel

When I first started travelling back in 2006, sometimes finding a good hostel was a bit like pot luck. I didn’t know what to look for, the reviews were often conflicting, and it was hard to decide over price vs location. It’s only through travel experience however, having stayed in 100+ hostels around the world, […]

First Impressions of Cadiz

Whilst living in Seville I got the chance to visit nearby Cadiz for a couple of days, down on the south coast of Spain. These were my first impressions.. Beautiful Cadiz is quite simply a beautiful town. This goes for the beaches and the picturesque old town centre. A lot of the buildings are very old, and […]

Travel Blogging Frustrations!

Early last week I awoke to find my computer had well and truly broke down. It was the blue and fuzzy grey screen of death. As a full-time blogger, this is my worst nightmare. I rely on my computer for work. It’s how I earn money, it has all my music  on it (I lost my iPod […]