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The Travel Blogging Update – 8

It’s that time of year again where lots of things are happening at, so I thought it would be a good chance to give you guys a little update, let you know whats being going on in my recent travels, and anything related to the site. 7 Months in Europe Since January I have spent […]

Top 5 Places to Travel in the Southern Hemisphere in 2011/12

As the winter approaches for us in the Northern Hemisphere, many people are considering heading South to escape the cold (myself included!) So where are the top 5 places right now to head in the Southern Hemisphere? Argentina A country full of passion (think Argentine Tango, and Diego Maradona), with a mix of urban life in Buenos […]

Photo of the Week – Perfect Blue Sky / Beach

Can you guess where this is?

The Dos and Don´ts of learning Spanish in Spain

Prior to arriving in Spain I knew 7 words in Spanish. This included the words Hola, Gracias, and the phraze “mi casa es su casa” which I had heard somewhere through popular culture. That was it. My entire knowledge of the Spanish language prior to coming to this country. After around 2.5 months in Spain in […]

Top 5 Hostel Chains In Europe

In my travels through Europe over the past 8 months, and the jaunts I have taken through this continent, I have stayed in A LOT of hostels! Most of these have been small, independents, as I generally find that indie hostels have the best atmosphere. Now and again though, I come across a hostel chain that manages to combine […]

What do you love about coming home?

Usually the thought of coming home brings a fear of dread to a backpacker! In most cases you are only coming home because you’ve ran out of money, your studies are about to start back home, or your visa has ran out! This means that in most cases when a backpacker comes home it is […]

Photo of the week – Andalucian Countryside

I snapped this while on the train from Sevilla to Malaga with my phone.  

What to expect on a City Night Line train

During my ventures across Europe over the past 9 months, I have embarked on many City Night Line trains. This has been as both a means to get to/from Germany, and also as a way to cross Europe cheaply and efficiently. In most cases if you want to travel by rail from East to Western Europe, or vise versa, […]

3 Local Beers To Try In Spain

Sampling local beer while you are travelling has many benefits. Aside from being something new, and a beer you may not be able to experience back home, it is also generally cheaper to drink local beer than it is to drink international brands which may have been imported (this is especially so if you are […]