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The Secret To Making Friends As A Solo Traveller

One thing that stops many people from travelling solo is the fear of being lonely on the road, not being able to make friends, and not having someone to share their travel memories with. As someone who has always travelled solo, I can honestly tell you that I very rarely feel alone on my travels, but I […]

The art of knowing when to leave…

  I write this post to you because lately I have been feeling the brunt of the low points of travel. The constant goodbyes, the lack of a familiar face when you need to see one, or just something as simple as craving my mum’s home cooked mince ‘n’ tatties (a traditional Scottish home cooked […]

The Realities of Travel Friendships…

Travel friendships. Those bonds you make with people in that place, and in that time, that make your travels something to remember. By far the thing I love most about travel is the people I meet along the way. To this day, after months and years of travel, it still amazes me how easy it […]

Beating the crowds in Cyprus

Today’s post was written by Guy Arnold. Surely, nothing ruins a travel-holiday experience like pushing your way through stuffy crowds in the stifling heat or budging up next to someone else on the beach. Finding the hidden secrets around a country’s landscape can be far more rewarding than being among thousands of others. So, if […]

First Impressions of Lagos, Portugal.

Prior to coming to Spain I had not even heard of Lagos. At least not the one in Portugal anyway… I did know of the Lagos in Nigeria! For those who don’t already know, Lagos is a small town on the southern Portuguese coast, located in the Algarve. It’s actually quite a popular place for people to […]