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Taking A Tour Vs Independent Travel

A question many people ask themselves before departing on their first backpacking adventure is if they should travel as part of a tour group, or go independently. I know I asked myself this before my first ever backpacking trip back in 2006. When it’s your first time you can be a bit apprehensive about travel, […]

Photo of the Week – Granada – Spain

The joys of revisiting a destination

Experiencing new places and new people is one of the biggest joys of travel that you can have. It’s a huge part of why so many people take Gap Years, career breaks, or go backpacking to far flung destinations… to experience something new, something different to what they will see back home. Sometimes in these […]

How to get over a fear of flying – Part Two

You may want to read this post on How to get over a fear of flying – Part One, before reading on. I took my first flight today in around 3 years, and it’s safe to say I was crapping myself the whole day. All of my travels over the past 12 months since I started […]

How to beat a fear of flying – Part One

This post is really part 1 of my attempt to overcome a fear of flying. Over the past year I have travelled all over Europe by train, bus, and ferry. Often finding myself paying more than double the price of a flight, or that my journey takes 3 times as long to get to my destination, all in my bid to avoid getting […]

Photo of the Week – Eilean Donon Castle (From the Highlander Movie)

I snapped this pic of Eilean Donon Castle, in the Scottish Highlands, while on a recent tour around my home country of Scotland. You may recognise the castle from the move “Highlander”, starring Sean Connory.  

What to expect on a “Haggis Adventures” tour of Scotland

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have just recently taken part in a 5 day tour of the Scottish Highlands with Haggis Adventures. With around 10 million people visiting the Scottish Highlands every year, I thought I would take this opportunity to share with people my thoughts of Haggis as a tour company, and […]

Photo – The Land of my clan McDonald – Isle of Skye

It’s not time yet for the next photo of the week, but I had to share this pic I took in the Isle of Skye yesterday. It’s actually the land my clan once owned, the McDonalds. I’m a descendant of the famous McDonalds of Glencoe (if you know your Scottish history), who once owned this part of […]

Photo of the Week – Lisbon Streets

Follow me on my tour of Scotland…

Before I pop off on a rail journey across Eastern Europe, I thought I would take the chance to see some of my home country of Scotland. One promise I made to myself since I began earning a living from blogging was that with every trip I made home I would see a little bit more of Scotland. […]