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10 Things You Shouldn’t Pack In Your Luggage

I often see many packing lists shared amongst other travellers, and travel bloggers. It can be the hardest thing to judge when you’re first starting out on a backpacking adventure, and even the most experienced of travellers still find themselves regularly trying to cut down on what they pack, or to only travel with hand […]

Where did your travel bug come from?

All my adult life I have been bitten by the travel bug. In fact, technically it started 4 months before I was even legally an adult. I have it pinned down to one exact date and location – May 23rd, 2006. Melbourne Airport. That was the date and place I arrived into after departing on a flight half way around the world, on […]

Photo of the Week – Scotch Whisky Experience

First Impressions of Lisbon

I spent 3 nights in Lisbon just before I returned home to Scotland on my latest 7 month jaunt through Europe. Unfortunately, I was ill throughout the entirety of my time in Lisbon. I lost my voice completely, had a painful cough, and spent most of that the time doped up on pain killers either sleeping, or walking […]

Top 3 Walking With Wildlife Experiences

  Today’s post was brought to you by the team at There are some incredible places in Africa where you get more for your money than simply experiencing the wildlife from the back of a landrover. From being guided through the bush by elephants, to sharing the breakfast table with giraffes, here are our top picks […]

Steve Jobs… Inspired by a man I never knew

This may seem like an odd post to put on a travel blog. Like many people reading and writing about Steve Jobs today, I never knew him. Of course, I was very aware of who Steve Jobs was, the founder of Apple, and someone who spear headed some of the most innovative products of our modern […]

Top 5 Ski Resorts in France

With the winter fast approaching in Europe, and the colder weather creeping in, if you are not lucky enough to be able to holiday in the Southern Hemisphere during this time, then you may want to make the most of the colder conditions and look for some ski holidays in France… the best country go skiing […]

Top 10 National Tourist Attractions Around The World

Today’s post was brought to you (and written by) the team at While mankind has been responsible for hundreds of stunning monuments and buildings across the world for many centuries, Mother Nature has created landmarks that are just as, if not more, fascinating. Take in any of the following attractions and you could well […]

Photo of the Week – Roof top view of Seville

This was the roof top view of Seville from the hostel I was staying in.