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First Impressions of Belgrade

It was my first time in Serbia’s capital city Belgrade. With only 3 days to spend in the city, it would be impossible for me to really get an in depth understanding of the location, but what you can get in this time is a taster of what the place is like, so that on […]

First Impressions of Zagreb

Zagreb is cool. I definitely want to discover more of Croatia in the future, but for my whizz 4 day trip to the capital city, these were my first impressions, and what you can expect should you visit Zagreb for the first time… Football I got lucky and arrived into Zagreb on the night of […]

Things to See in Aberdeen During the Summer

Today’s post was brought to you by (and written by) Aberdeen is one of the best known cities in Scotland, and after St Andrews, Glasgow and Edinburgh the Granite City is a key stop for most tourists. It is also a thriving town with people moving in to attend university or take up jobs […]

How To Save On Accommodation As A Study Abroad Student

By Isabel Eva Bohrer in association with As a study abroad student, one of the most significant expenses you will have will be accommodation. From home stays to shared apartments to student residences and hostels, there are numerous options for you to choose from. Before you select your preference, consider the following factors to […]

Where do you call home?

Today feels very good. I decided to change my flight to come back to Madrid two days early. It cost me an extra 80 Euros, but to be honest, I couldn’t be happier. Sometimes it’s worth spending more for a bit of happiness. I really liked Bucharest a lot. In fact, I found Eastern Europe […]

First Impressions of Ljubljana

I stopped over in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for 3 days as part of my current Inter Rail journey. I deliberately didn’t do any research before going. I like to be surprised by a destination. These were my first impressions, and what you can expect should you make a short visit to the city: Sleepy town Ljubljana […]

Photo of the Week – Food Cart, Belgrade

How to travel the world for free (using your blog) – New Book

Since I began blogging back in January 2010 I have acquired many things for free. These include the complimentary Inter Rail pass I am currently travelling around Europe with, a free tour around my home country of Scotland, free bus travel around Europe, and many free nights in backpacker hostels around the world. All of […]

How to deal with heartbreak as you travel

Relationships form and end so quickly while you are travelling that you could easily go through more relationships in one summer abroad than you may have had in your entire life. When you put a bunch of young, good looking, care free backpackers together in one place you are bound to have sparks fly. Then, […]

First Impressions of Barcelona

Usually on these “first impressions” type posts, I’ll be writing about a place I have visited for the first time. In regards to Barcelona, this is actually my second visit to the city, but the first time was some years ago, and was only really for one day. I didn’t even stay overnight as I was […]