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Photo of the Week – Misty Ljubljana

I took this a while back while in Slovenia, and realised I’d forgot to share it with you! Sleepy, misty, Ljubljana…

Vlog: Why do people think I’m American?

People are always confusing my Scottish accent as American. I have a go here at showing the different between the two, using some stereotypical American sayings. Check it out!

3 Things To Do In Hawaii Other Than Surfing!

When you think of Hawaii you think of surfing, big waves, and hot surfer dudes… At least that’s what I think of when I think of Hawaii! With tourism being the largest industry in Hawaii, currently making up 24.3% of the Gross State Product, it’s apparent that many people come here every year for just that […]

Tips for getting discounted accommodation anywhere in the world!

Accommodation is your biggest expense after transport when you’re travelling anywhere in the world. It’s therefore important when you’re on a budget to get the cheapest price possible for what you want. The more money you save on accommodation, the more money you will have to either a) prolong your travels, or b) use as […]

Things you should know about India before you go…

This is a guest post by Amanda King from From someone who has traveled extensively around Asia (I lived in China for a year and traveled decently far afield) I can tell you that the Himalayas are a proper division between India and the majority of the rest of what is considered “the East.” […]

The Travel Blogging Update 9

I haven’t done one of these update posts since September 2011, so I thought it would be a nice time to update you guys on everything that’s been going on recently in the world of Runaway Jane. Recent Travels, Press Trips, and Future Ventures Last year was a big year for me where travel was concerned. […]

Vlog – 5 things you can do with your case (other than packing your shit!)

As budget backpackers, finding other functions for already existing products and things we travel with is important. If we can find more than one function for an item that we travel with, this means spending less money overall on buying the things we need to bring with us. With that in mind, here are 5 things […]

The 5 Most Dramatic Views In Britain & Ireland

This post was brough to you (and written) by Sykes Cottages. When you are considering your holidays this year, the United Kingdom has to be up there for enjoying some dramatic and breath-taking views. Whether you’re after a romantic weekend away or something to do with the kids for the school holidays, the UK delivers […]

Vlog – The Downsides of Backpacker Hostel Dorm Rooms

I love hostels! They are my 1st choice of accommodation anywhere out on the road, but when you’re sharing a dorm room with a bunch of other backpackers you’ve probably never met before, there can be some inevitable downsides. Whether it’s people getting it on in the top bunk, snorers, or big smelly boys… nothing […]

How to find the cheapest hotels in Edinburgh

As the most visited city in Britain after London, many budget travellers descend on Edinburgh every year looking for cheap accommodation and hotel deals all year round. Being such a popular city however, finding cheap Edinburgh hotels can be hard as prices naturally reflect the demand. So how do you find the best deal, and […]