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5 Things You Can Do In Rome For FREE

The Vatican Museums   The Vatican Museums are free every on the last Sunday of every month from 8.30 am – 2 pm. Although, last admission is at 12.30 pm so be sure to arrive on time if you want to take advantage of this freebie! Park Gianicolo For panoramic views of Rome, head to […]

Photo of the Week – Monochrome Colosseum, Rome

Taken during my time recent trip to Italy.

First Impressions of Venice

Venice is unique. Sometimes when you’re visiting European cities all the time, things can become a bit of the same… They all have museums, art galleries, and usually a castle packed in for good measure. Sometimes you go somewhere that has a particularly special castle, or a particularly special museum, but for the most part, a lot […]

Woohoo! I’m PLUS hostels new Resident Blogger #PLUSjane

Today is a really exciting day for me. I’ve just been announced as PLUS hostels ‘Resident Blogger’ over at! Some of you who may have followed my journey here so far on will know that when I started this blog I wanted to do three things share my passion for travel help other people […]

Vlog: How NOT to stand out as a tourist abroad!

Standing out as a tourist abroad is something no one wants to do. Aside from the fact the image of a ‘tacky tourist’ is something most people don’t want to be associated with. Not standing out as a tourist also helps in regards to keeping safe on the road.

Boats in Venice (Action Shot)

Photo of the Week – Venice

I shared this photo on my social networking streams @runawayjane on twitter and on facebook at last week, but looking at it again today just made me realise how incredible Venice really is. It’s certainly a city I’ll have to venture back to and discover more of. Anyway, I just wanted to share it with […]

First Impressions of Florence

I recently spent some time in Florence as part of my PLUS Hostels trip that I’m doing at the moment. I’ll be telling you lots more about my work with PLUS in the coming days, but before I tell you about that, these were my first impressions of Florence; Beautiful… Florence is a pretty city. […]

5 Reasons You Should Travel Right Now…

Who wants to be sitting in an office or a classroom all day when they can be travelling the world? If you don’t do it now when will you do it? Soon you’ll have kids, a job, a mortgage, and other things that tie you down to a place. Then you’ll be old and with […]

First Impressions of Rome

Rome is one of those cities you’ve probably already heard a lot about before you go. Either through history class, TV, friends, family, books, or somewhere else. I therefore had huge expectations of Rome and unfortunately not much time to explore it. It’s impossible to get a full view of a city in just a few days, but what it does do is […]

Vlogging Update: What’s been going on in my world recently

These update style posts that I do every now and again usually prove popular. As an experiment, I thought I’d do this month’s blogging update as a vlog, or video blog! This way you actually get to see my face and who I am! It also means I can talk to you in a more […]