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Paris (On A Budget)

Paris is both one of the main transport hubs in Europe, and one of the most expensive cities in the entire continent. If you’re travelling around Europe for long enough you will find that you need to cross paths with Paris at some point, but how do you do this and not blow the budget? […]

Video: An embarrassing travel story…

For my latest vlog I thought I’d share with you a funny embarrassing moment I had on my travels not too long ago. Unfortunately, I’m just one of those people who attract random cringe-worthy moments on a regular basis, i.e. I do a lot of stupid things! When you’re travelling this usually results in something […]

Busabout hop-on hop-off VS regular coach travel around Europe

I’ve currently taking part on the Busabout hop-on hop-off bus service around Europe. I have a small break back home in Scotland right now, but by enlarge I’ll be travelling with Busabout on this service for the rest of the summer. I’ve so far travelled from Madrid to Paris on the buses, stopping for 3 days […]

Photo of the Week – At the beach in Tangier, Morocco

A taste of San Sebastian…

I just recently visited San Sebastian as part of my Busabout tour around Europe. San Sebastian is a really beautiful beach town/city. I’ll be writing a full article all about it soon, but in the meantime if you’ve never been to San Seb before then I’ve captured some footage for you to check out that […]

Photo Of The Week – Cordoba

5 Things To Do For Free In Prague

Prague used to be a destination that was super cheap around 5 – 10 years ago. These days it is becoming increasingly expensive, especially the more central you go. To help you save money I’ve collated a list of 5 things you can do for free while in the city. Free food at Albar You […]

Should you book the Busabout 7-day Iberian Adventure?

I recently took part in the Busabout 7-day Iberian Adventure. In 7-days the trip takes you to 9 destinations in 3 countries. Having been on the trip just recently, I thought it would be useful to write an analysis of the Iberian Adventure, the pros, cons, and highlights, including what type of traveller would suit […]

Hostel World VS Hostel Bookers – Part 2

I wrote an article many moons ago on my site comparing the two top dogs when it comes to hostel booking websites – and The online world moves at a super fast pace, and seeing as these are both online brands I think it’s about time I did a 2012 update of that post! […]