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Top 5 Sights in Santorini

Of all the main Greek islands, Santorini is definitely the best for those interested in Geology, natural phenomenons, and landscapes… Red Beach Santorini’s Red Beach is formed and earns it name from the iron-rich sedimentary rocks in the cliff face and the reddish sand that you can lay on. The red beach is by far […]

How to talk dirty in Scottish…

If you’re coming to Scotland and would like to get to grips with the local lingo, then check out this tongue in cheek video I made for you on how to talk dirty in Scottish haha…  

Photo of the Week – Santorini Sky

This was a view I caught on the bus from Santorini Port up into the hills. The Greek Islands really are something special, and I think this view tells it all…

Why does nobody like Athens?

A lot of the backpackers I met in Athens told me they didn’t like the city. They thought it was dirty and unsafe. I was only there for 24 hours, but of what I saw in that time I really felt like I connected with the city. Athens for me could be the new Berlin, and I think […]

First Impressions Of Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos Island was not just my first taste of the island itself, but it was also my first real taste of Greece. After spending 1 evening in Athens the night before due to my plane’s late arrival, and departing at the crack of dawn the next day for the ferry, I was looking forward to […]