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Video: Scottish Stereotypes…

Like anyone who travels, I find that there are stereotypes of (people from) my home country that I encounter on the road from time to time. Fortunately for me, coming from Scotland, the international stereotypes of people from my nation is not too bad compared to other countries across the world. By enlarge we are […]

First Impressions of Ios

Ios was the last Greek island I visited on my tour of the area back in September. As with any place when you’ve only been there 4 days, you can’t really get to know it in depth like a local, but what you can do is gain a first impression, a general feel of the area, what […]

Would you spend xmas abroad?

Sky Scanner just recently announced a competition giving away £750 worth of flights to fly somebody home or away this Christmas! I thought it was an interesting concept… The fact that somebody could be flown to a sunny destination abroad (or wherever it is that you want to go), but also that somebody could be […]