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What can a hotel do to make your stay better?

What can a hotel do to make your stay that bit more comfortable? Is there something that they can do to make your stay more unique or simply make you sleep better? Travel Lodge (one of the UK’s largest budget hotel chains with over 500 properties) has recently launched a Cosmic Night Sky Panorama hotel […]

The Budget Travel Trends of 2012 – 2013

HostelBookers recently used their internal data to create the info graphic above which shows the most popular destinations of 2012 according to how many hostel bookings each received via their website. It also shows which cities received the largest increase and decrease¬†in bookings in 2012 compared to what they received in 2011. Essentially what the […]

Photo of the Week – Isle of Skye (Scotland)

I took this photo a while back, but seeing as I’m back in Scotland I thought it was apt to share it with you now. I’ve also just joined Instagram! For those who’re interested in following me on there, my profile name is runawayjane1. I’m currently uploading a lot of photos from my travels this […]