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First Impressions of Tenerife…

I recently spent 2 weeks in the lead up to Christmas on the island of Tenerife, Spain (the Canary Islands). It was my first time on the island, and as with any new place when you are only there for a couple of weeks, it’s not possible to experience every aspect of the island in […]

5 Reasons Why You Have To Visit St Andrews!

  When you come to Scotland you have to visit St Andrews! That is the message I will be telling everyone after my first visit to this beautiful little town in the region of Fife, Scotland. In fact, I’m slightly ashamed to say that as a local Scot I had never been to St Andrews until […]

8 Easy ways to save money as you travel (in Europe!)

(Photo Credit; Images_of_Money via Flikr) One of the biggest surprises with people I talk to at home is they still can’t get their head around how I can afford to travel the world on an incredibly low amount of money (in relative terms). In a year of travel around Europe – which is one of the […]

A Haggis Adventure Around Scotland…

This past week I got to see and experience some of my own country for a change on a Haggis Adventures tour around Scotland. The trip coincided with a blog trip I was on titled Blogmanay, and came right after spending New Year’s Eve (Hogmanay) celebrations in Edinburgh – Scotland’s capital city. Although the Haggis trip […]

Highlights of Hogmanay in Edinburgh…

For those of you who saw my recent video on How to spend Hogmanay in Edinburgh, you may have seen me talk a bit about ‘Blogmanay’, a blog trip I am currently on which saw me spend Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) in my home town city of Edinburgh. In fact, the trip has gone on well beyond the […]