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Have you ever had something crazy happen abroad?

For some reason crazy stuff just happens to me on the road all the time. At first I thought it was me. Do I attract this madness? The reality is I probably do a bit. I live in such a daydream that I wander into crazy situations quite a lot (mostly because of my own stupidity […]

(The truth about) how to earn a full-time income from travel blogging

Forming a career in travel blogging is hard. Earning enough money from travel blogging to actually pay your bills is even harder. People will doubt you both at the beginning of your career and throughout its entirety. Even when you’re earning a living from it and getting free trips around the world, you’ll find there are still some people […]

7 Reasons to Visit the UK

Today’s guest post is by Amanda Andrews. If you missed visiting the UK in 2012, you might have thought you’d missed out on all the excitement.  Now Olympic fever has died down and the buzz of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is over, 2013 is THE year to plan a holiday in the UK.  Here are […]

Should Women Travel Solo?

As someone who’s been travelling solo since I was 17, you could probably guess what side of the field I’m on in this argument. Women can travel solo, women do travel solo, and it is just as safe as any other form of travel. After reading this ridiculous scare mongering article today I just felt […]