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Is it safe to travel solo in Morocco?

(Please note: Before you read this article I would like to state for the record that I enjoyed my time in Morocco thoroughly. I visited not once but twice last year, spending a total of 2 months in the country because I enjoyed my time there so much. It was the most challenging destination I have been […]

3 Crazy Stories From My Travels…

For some reason crazy stuff just happens on the road – or it certainly does to me anyway! I think possibly the combination of my own stupidity and the fact I live in my own little lah-dee-dah world half of the time probably doesn’t help. The benefit of all this though is that I have quite […]

Good Language Learning Apps (for Spanish)

I’ve been getting the books out lately (or apps rather) in a bid to improve my Spanish before my trip to Argentina in September. As someone who has always struggled with learning foreign languages I must say this new way of online learning has seen me progress much faster than I have in my previous […]

How to apply for your Australian tax back

Getting back on your feet again once you come back from a long trip can sometimes be a little bit difficult. Usually the reason you’ve come back is because you’ve spent every penny you had on your travels. The good news is if you worked abroad during your travels, particularly if you were on working […]

Top 10 Sites in Jordan to Visit on Foot

This is a guest post by David Hanson. David works for Headwater holidays – a tour travel company who offer walking holidays in Jordan and further afield. Below he’s given us his insight on the top 10 sites to see in Jordan that you can visit on best on foot. Jordan is one of the […]

How to travel when you’re an introvert

This article was inspired by the TED talk and correlating book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts” by Susan Cain. Definition of the word “Introvert”: An introvert is a person who is energised by being alone, i.e. they recharge best during time spent on their own. No single person is entirely introverted or extroverted. Most people have tendencies that […]

Future Travels & New Adventures…

There have been a lot of things happening for me this year as a travel blogger and with my future travel plans. With that in mind I thought it would be nice to do a little ‘update post’ to let you know what’s been going on… Blogmanay – Reaching 80 Million Twitter Impressions I took part in a […]