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5 Things to do for Free in Barcelona

Photo credit; Wolfgang Staudt Barcelona can be an expensive destination. When it comes to drinking out and experiencing the local nightlife especially – this is where you’ll feel most pinch to your travel budget! However, nobody wants to miss out on things when they go to a destination! Least of all no-one wants to be sitting in […]

10 Cheapest Countries in the World (for Hostel Prices)

Photo credit: Chris Goldberg When you’re planning a RTW (round the world) trip sometimes the hardest part can be choosing which countries to visit! There are so many cool places around the world to choose from and just not enough time to visit them all! However, one thing that can make that decision easier is […]

Top 3 Cheapest Countries (in Europe/North Africa) for Spa Treatments

When you’re travelling on a budget the idea of a spa treatment sounds like something only luxury travellers can afford, but the truth is that if you pick the right country to travel to you can find prices for spa treatments much cheaper and/or better value for money. With that in mind I thought I’d list the […]

First Impressions of Rotterdam

I’ve travelled quite a few times to Holland in the past and visited several Dutch cities, but it wasn’t until this week that I got the chance to visit the city of Rotterdam. It was here that I was attending and speaking at a conference for travel bloggers. As with any city that you visit for […]

A guide to La Rochelle on a budget!

I visited La Rochelle recently in the Poitou-Charentes region of France. Ordinarily France is seen as a more expensive destination for travellers, but the truth is there are many ways to experience the country on a budget – as I have been discovering lately! Poitou-Charentes in particular is very affordable compared to the more touristic areas of France such as […]

Does the consumer economy prevent us from travelling?

What makes (or made) you want to travel? Were you born into it? Did someone inspire you? Were you just bored of the humdrum of life back home? It has always intrigued me to find out why each person who travels does so. What triggered that feeling of wanderlust and the motivation to take that first trip? Even […]

3 Cool Ways to Find Spectacular Views in Spain

I’ll be honest with you. There are some places in the world that I have visited simply to take pictures. There’s an undeniable pleasure in simply taking photographs in a beautiful place and then sharing them with people. Even in the most diverse destinations with much to see and do beyond simply looking pretty, first and […]

Photo of the Week – View of Granada from the Albaicin

Are hostels safer than hotels?

So here’s the thing – in the past hostels have gotten a bit of bad reputation as a method of accommodation to use whilst travelling. So much so that even years on from their darker days and with many luxury hostels popping up all over the place lately (with swimming pools, spas, the lot), you’ll still find […]

Top 10 Cheapest Contries in Europe for Beer!

Night life is a big part of any backpacker’s trip around Europe and tasting the local beer can be an easy way to experience a bit of the local way of life in just a few short minutes. However, we’re all trying to save some pennies as we travel to keep the travels going for as long […]