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3 Free Things to Do in Bucharest

Bucharest is a fun, crazy, hectic destination in Romania with a lot of things to do! It’s also pretty cheap, but as with any destination it’s always good to save some extra cash while you’re there. For that reason I thought it would be useful to share 3 things you can do for free in the city! […]

First Impressions of Varna (Bulgaria)

On my current tour of Eastern Europe I visited the Black Sea destination of Varna, on the North Eastern coast of Bulgaria. It was my first time in the city and I spent 3 nights there in total. As I always say in these ‘first impression’ type posts, it’s not possible to really get an in-depth […]

‘You heard it on the grapevine’: Madeira Wine Festival

(Photo credit; y kawahara) Today’s post was written by Robert Plum. Prepare your taste buds for Portugal’s Madeira Wine Festival (1st- the 8th September 2013, Madeira Island). What better place to enjoy the ‘next best thing in wine’, according to, than the island from whence it came? Madeira wine is almost as old as […]

First Impressions of Sofia (Bulgaria)

My visit to Sofia last week was my first time in both city and country. I was therefore keen to get out and explore during my 3 days there before I hopped on to the next city in my current travels through the Balkans and Eastern Europe. These were my first impressions; Hostel Mostel Address; 2A Makedonia […]

First Impressions of Novi Sad (Serbia)

During my first visit to Serbia way back in 2011 I visited Belgrade on a whistle stop tour from West to Eastern Europe. Knowing that I would pass through Serbia again on my latest European venture, I knew immediately that I wanted to venture outside of the capital this time. I only had 2 days spare to […]

Is it safe to travel in Serbia?

A bit of background info / Before you read on: The Yugoslav Wars were a series of wars fought in the former Yugoslavia throughout the 1990’s between the republics that sought sovereignty on one side, and the government in Belgrade (Serbia) on the other side. The Serbian government at this time was headed by Slobodan Milošević. He later […]

Top 5 things to do (if it’s your first time) in Budapest

Budapest is fast becoming one of my favourite cities in Europe, especially Central Europe. It’s cheap, beautiful, there’s lots to do, and it has an interesting historical past. It’s position in the continent also makes it easy for exploring other parts of Europe quite easily whilst hopping to/from the city. So if it’s your first […]

First Impressions of Vienna (Austria)

I visited Vienna recently as the first (official) stop on my latest rail trip around Europe. In total I was there for 3 nights. Although it’s impossible to really give an in-depth analysis of a city in just 3 nights, what I can do is provide you with my first impressions, a taster if you will. Hopefully this […]

How to get from Prague Airport to the city centre for £1

I recently had a 1 night stop over in Prague on my way to Vienna and was reminded just how cheap the city is for public transport. In total it cost me £1.05 at the current exchange rate to get (legally and legitimately) from Prague Airport to PLUS Hostel Prague (my accommodation for the night) in the city centre. […]

Where to spend July 4th in New York

Today’s guest post was written by Jane Shelley. Every year American’s celebrate Independence Day on July 4th, and there are many cities across the US which put on a great show for the celebrations, but none can compare to New York City. There are countless activities going on across the city on the big day […]