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First Impressions of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

If you’ve been reading this blog lately you’ll have noticed I’ve been writing a lot of content about Buenos Aires at the moment. I’m currently into the last of 5 weeks in the city as I attempt to get a better grasp of the Spanish language before moving onto other destinations in Argentina and South America. These […]

A Guide to Local Argentine Cuisine

If you’re new to Argentina and want to get to grips quickly with the local cuisine, then here’s some you can try right away when you get here; Empanadas Photo credit; Evelyn Proimos Empanadas in Argentina are similar to what we would call ‘pasties’ back home in the UK. They are essentially pastry with a filling. […]


Review; Learning Spanish with ‘Expanish’ in Buenos Aires (Part 1)

On Monday (9th September 2013) I started a 4 week long Spanish course in Buenos Aires with a private language school called Expanish. I’m currently into week 2. Prior to this I had briefly been using an online course 2 or 3 hours a week for a few months which I was fitting around work and my travels through Europe before I came […]


5 Free Things to do in Buenos Aires

I’ve been in Buenos Aires now (coming up) for 2 weeks, and knowing that I was going to be here for a while to study Spanish at a private language school in the city, I’ve been very conscious from the outset not to spend too much money. For that reason I’ve been trying to indulge […]

How to get from Buenos Aires (Ezeiza) Airport to the City Centre

There are 3 main ways to get to Buenos Aires city centre from Ezeiza Airport (2 which take you direct to your accommodation). I thought it’d be useful to provide some info on them all including the prices, where to go etc, so that if you arrive at Ezeiza Airport in the future you’ll know what to do […]

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Review: Amsterdam to Buenos Aires

On 2nd September 2013 I flew KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from Edinburgh to Buenos Aires via Amsterdam. I remember when I booked my flight back in January, and how I wasn’t sure at the time which airline to fly with. For that reason I thought it would be useful to review my journey with KLM now I’ve been so that if you’re […]

Arrived in Buenos Aires!

Last night I flew into Buenos Aires (Argentina) for the start of a 5 month journey through South America! As a I mentioned previously, this trip has been on my agenda for some time now and I’m super excited about touching soil in an entirely new continent! I have a week before I start a Spanish language course with Expanish, […]