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5 Things to do for Free in Newcastle (England)

Photo credit; chakchouka via Flikr Following on from yesterday’s 5 free things to do in London, I thought it would also be good to look elsewhere in England for free things to do. Often people who visit England only come to London, so I wanted to inspire you go further afield with this next article! BALTIC Centre […]

5 Things to do for Free in London (England)

Photo credit; E01 via Flikr London is an expensive city. There is no getting around it. However, whilst certain things in the city might be extortionate, there is actually a surprising amount of things to do for free in London too – if you know where to find them. Below are 5 examples of things you can do […]

A guide to crossing the Argentine / Bolivian border (by land)

Photo credit; alpertron I’d been told a lot of things about the border crossing between Argentina and Bolivia before I crossed it last week. A lot of people were keen on talking horror stories, but in actual fact the experience turned out to be pretty straight forward, if just a bit long and tedious because of […]

First Impressions of Salta (Argentina)

Prior to my arrival in Bolivia I visited the city of Salta in Argentina. Unfortunately, due to a mix up in my travel dates I only had 1.5 days there instead of the 4 I had previously planned. This meant I didn’t have time to get outside of the city and view the nearby countryside (which I’ve […]

First Impressions of Mendoza (Argentina)

A few weeks ago I visited the Argentine city of Mendoza, close to Argentina’s border with Chile. I was there for 4 days in total. As I’ve always said with these type of ‘first impression’ style posts, when you’ve only been in a city for 4 days it’s impossible to really get to know a place on anything […]

Can you save money with Matt Kepnes’ ‘Ultimate Guide To Travel Hacking’?

Any time I hear about possible savings I can make on my travels I’m always interested to hear about it, as I suppose anyone would be really. Saving a lot of money on services I would have bought anyway is always going to be something that I want to hear about! So when Matt Kepnes, a.k.a. Nomadic Matt, […]

5 Things You Should Know If You’re Coming To Bolivia

Whilst Bolivia has so far not been as difficult to travel in as I previously thought it would be, there have definitively been some eye-opener moments already since I arrived here (just 3 days ago). Electricity is not 24 hours here This one kind of astounded me. Electricity is not 24 hours in Bolivia. It is regularly […]

Is it worth buying the South Pass for Argentina?

With South America having a complete lack of affordable flights and an extensive rail network being almost non-existent, the best way to travel by public transport (long distance) in the continent is by bus. This is none more so than in Argentina. Argentina is huge and thankfully they also know how to do long distance travel by bus very well, as […]

First Impressions of the Iguazu Falls

I recently spent 3 nights up in Puerto Iguazu visiting the Iguazu Falls, an area home to incredible waterfalls which stretch over the border between Argentina and Brazil. If you’re trying to decide whether you should make a trip to Iguazu then hopefully my first impressions of the area (below) will help you decide! Brazilian side Vs […]

What do you think of All-Inclusive style holidays?

Photo credit; What do you think of all-inclusive style holidays? Do you think they’re a good thing? Too expensive? A relaxing break? Do they stop you from experiencing the local food/drink/culture? Do you even care about the local food/drink/culture? If not, would experiencing it even matter? Are they good/bad for the local economy? Do they […]