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Review of ‘Expanish’ Spanish Language Course in Buenos Aires – Part 2

Please note; If you haven’t read part one of this review you may want to do so first before reading on! In part one of this review I compared my ‘in the classroom’ Spanish language course with Expanish in Buenos Aires to my previous attempts at learning Spanish online. Overwhelming I found the initial 2 […]

A Guide to Travelling from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu

Photo credit; ( If you come to Argentina (or Brazil) and you don’t visit the Iguazu Falls you’d be missing out in my opinion. Yes it is touristy and yes there will be lots of other people there, but sometimes a place is popular for a reason. After spending 3 days in Iguazu recently I can see […]

Moving on in South America – Next Stop Iguazu!

(Note; I’ve been getting quite a lot of emails and messages recently about my current South American trip and where I’m going. I thought therefore it would be useful to give an update of where I am and what I’m doing right now for those who may be interested.) Tomorrow I come to the end […]