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The Cheapest Way to Get to Machu Picchu

I’m not going to lie, Machu Picchu is cool but it’s also really expensive (and I’m not just talking by Peruvian standards.) Even for those with an exchange rate coming from the Euro or British Pound, you will still find this place extortionate to get to. However, there’s a reason why Machu Picchu is so expensive and that’s because this […]

Top 5 Things to do in Arequipa (Peru)

Arequipa was not somewhere I had planned to go originally on my tour of South America, nor indeed did I even know how to locate it on a map of Peru until about 2 weeks ago! Regardless, I was quite taken by the city when I arrived and wanted to highlight some cool things about it here. […]

First Impressions of La Paz (Bolivia)

It’s funny. Before I arrived in Bolivia I was almost certain that I would love La Paz and that Sucre, one of Bolivia’s other large(r) cities, would not really be my ‘cup of tea’. In actual fact it turned out to be the exact opposite! That said, I still found many worthwhile things that made La Paz quite […]

Things to do in Australia this Winter

Today’s guest post was written by Simon Bowers. This (European) winter, because of its position in the Southern Hemisphere, the people of Australia will be basking in the sun whilst back here in the UK, we will be struggling to cope with the freezing conditions. Because of this, some people choose to go on holiday […]

First Impressions of Copacabana / Lake Titicaca (Bolivia)

If you’re travelling from Bolivia to Peru by land you may as well make a stop over in the Bolivian city of Copacabana. A) It’s right by the border so naturally makes a good stop off (for example in-between say La Paz and Arequipa or Cusco), and B) Lake Titicaca, the lake which the city […]

A guide to touring the mines of Cerro Rico in Potosi, Bolivia

As someone who usually hates the use of the term ‘must see’ in travel publications, I’ve been using it a lot lately in reference to Bolivia. If it’s not the undeniable natural beauty of this country that gets me started, it’s an enthralling conversation about the current economic situation Bolivians are facing, or a look into the country’s deep (and often […]

The Bolivian Salt Flats in Pictures

Sometimes it’s easier to just show you how amazing a place is rather than tell you about it. For that reason I thought I’d share with you some of my pictures from the last 4 days in the Bolivian Salt Flats. Whilst I hate describing places as ‘must see’ destinations, I think I will make […]

Rebtel: International Calling App Review

I’ve been on the lookout recently for an alternative international calling app after repeated reception and call quality issues with my usual port of call – Skype. I had also tried using the ‘old school’ international calling card method, but it was often a pain to find a shop that sold them where I am here in Bolivia, or I […]

Taragalte Festival, Morocco

Today’s guest post was written by Robert Plum. The 2013 Taragalte Festival is running from 15-17 November and is something that has to be seen and experienced to be believed. Literally set in the Sahara Desert, it aims to celebrate cultural exchange and sustainable development through tourism, with a programme of world music, exhibitions, shows […]

10 Reasons Why Sucre (Bolivia) is Awesome!

I’ve been in the Bolivian city of Sucre now for almost 2 weeks and (will sadly) be departing today. The place is awesome! So much so that I wanted to write an article detailing exactly what is so awesome about it, so that if you’re coming to Bolivia you don’t miss it out of your itinerary! $6 an hour private Spanish […]