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Why has Ecuador marked a fake Equator line 240 metres out?

Some background info; Back in 1982 a huge monument was erected in Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World City) in what was then thought to be the line of the Equator. It was to replace the smaller monument that had previously been in its place for many years. However, some years later when military GPS came along it actually […]

10 Of My Most Awesome Moments From 2013!

There are some years where you feel like you’ve done nothing with your life and others where you feel like you’ve packed so much into them, that all the incredible moments and milestones compacted within are sometimes hard to believe. For me 2013 has fortunately been a case of the latter. Here’s why; (Please note; whilst this is a […]

That time I trekked for 3 days solo in the Amazon Jungle with just a tribesman as my guide and his machete!

So you know, just the usual. Trekking for 3 days in the Amazon Jungle with no-one except my Amazonian guide (a local tribesman) who just happened to be carrying a large machete with him throughout the entirety of our trek. Ok, so obviously I’m joking about the whole ‘just the usual’ part, but I have […]

3 Thai Festivals Not To Miss!

Today’s post was written by Jeremy from The World or Bust. While many people that book a holiday for Thailand are seeking out the warm, bright sunshine that tropical climes offer, this fiercely proud nation also has more than its share of cultural attractions.  Whether you are planning a trip to Thailand through a travel […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Máncora (Peru)!

I fell in love with the Peruvian beach town of Máncora last week after spending 6 nights there. In fact, if I’m being honest I’ve had to resist the urge greatly to go back, but alas my travels must go on! So with that in mind I thought I’d give you 5 reasons why you should visit […]

5 Things You Should Know About Peru (Before Coming)

I recently spent just over 2 weeks in Peru before moving onto Ecuador (where I am now), and like Bolivia previously, I was met by many surprises – mostly good I’m pleased to say. With that in mind I thought I’d share with you 5 things you should know about Peru before coming here. I […]

10 Highest Peaks in the World

If you’re looking for something epic and incredible to do next year maybe climbing the world’s highest peaks could be it? 1. Everest (Nepal/Tibet) Photo credit; Kala Patthar Range; Mahalangur Himalaya Height; 8,848 metres First Ascent; 1953   2. K2 (Pakistan/China) Photo credit; mariachily Range; Baltoro Karakoram Height; 8,611 First Ascent; 1954 3. Kangchenjunga (India/Nepal) […]

First Impressions of Lima (Peru)

Lima grew on me. If I was to be totally honest about my first day here I remember being driven into the city on the bus and thinking this may not be my cup of tea. On my 2nd and 3rd day though I changed my mind entirely and actually wished I had an extra day to see […]