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Top 5 Things to do in Baños (Ecuador)

For such a small town Baños has an abundance of things to do in and around the town. Seriously, I’ve been to much bigger towns and cities in Ecuador and around South America (take Guayaquil for example) which have had much less to do in them than Baños has. I was initially supposed to stay just a few nights […]

Top 5 Things to do in Quito (Ecuador)

I’ll be honest here. I didn’t like Quito all that much (see this post if you’re wondering why.) However, there are still some cool things to do in the city and for that reason I thought I’d list my top 5 here today. Hopefully if you ever visit Quito you’ll find this post useful. (Please […]

Is Colombia still a dangerous country to travel?

I have to be honest here. I was a bit sneaky when announcing I was going to Colombia this year. Or rather, I didn’t announce I was going at all. I just updated my facebook location status once I got there saying I’d arrived in Cali, the first city I visited in Colombia. At first I […]

5 Things You Should Know If You’re Coming To Ecuador

There were many things that I both loved about Ecuador as well as many things that I wholeheartedly disliked about the country. For such a relatively small geographical space on this planet it is certainly a country of great variety in terms of both its landscapes and the local people that you will meet along the way. I thought it would […]

First Impressions of Guayaquil (Ecuador)

I visited the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador (around 3 weeks ago now) before my venture into the Amazon Jungle and up into Colombia (where I am now.) As with all of these first impression-style posts it’s impossible to really get an in-depth view of a city in just 3 days, but what you can do is […]

What to do when your bank blocks your bank cards abroad

Photo credit; Philip Taylor via Flikr There’s nothing worse that going on holiday or going travelling and finding your bank have blocked your cards for security reasons. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence amongst travellers as banks see foreign activity on your card, i.e. withdrawals or payments abroad, as suspicious activity. They think that someone […]