3 Cool Ways to Find Spectacular Views in Spain


I’ll be honest with you. There are some places in the world that I have visited simply to take pictures. There’s an undeniable pleasure in simply taking photographs in a beautiful place and then sharing them with people. Even in the most diverse destinations with much to see and do beyond simply looking pretty, first and foremost I am always on the lookout for spectacular views. In the South of Spain you’ll find many, but here’s 3 quick and excellent ways to do so whilst packing in some great travel experiences at the same time;

An aerial view with Tropicopter



If you’re looking for spectacular aerial views of the Granada area and the Southern Spanish coast line then I recommend taking a helicopter ride with Tropicopter who are based in Motril (a small town on the Southern Spanish coast.) I took a ride with them whilst on a recent trip to the Granada area. Aside from the fact flying in a helicopter is just a cool thing to do (especially if you’ve never been in one before like I had not before my journey), it really offered some spectacular views of the Spanish coast line towns such as Salobreña and Almuñecar, with options to fly much further afield within the local area should you wish. However, most importantly it allowed you to view the area in a way that would be pretty much impossible to do unless you were in a helicopter flying overhead. In terms of being able to take unique photos and generally just marvel at the breath taking views below this really was second to none – even on just a 10 minute ride. Prices start at €60 per person for the shorter journey’s and rise up to around €200 per person depending on the length of your journey. Although this may cost more than your typical tourist activity, the simple fact is this isn’t your typical tourist activity. It’s something special. For that reason I wanted to recommend it in this article.

Hire a boat on the Costa Tropical


In the port of Motril it’s entirely possible to rent a boat (including skipper) for as low as €20 per person (minimum 4 people). Typically this takes you on a 4 hour cruise around the Costa Tropical. Aside from being a fun activity to do with friends on a budget, you’ll also be afforded the opportunity to take some incredible pictures of the coast line and on board whilst taking in the sea air. For someone after great sea side views in Spain you’d be hard pressed to beat this method.

The Sierra Nevada mountains


As I mentioned in a previous article about skiing in Sierra Nevada, the area is both beautiful and fun for a whole number of reasons. When it comes to those looking for stunning views of Spain, heading up to the top of the Sierra Nevada hills can provide some unique views of Southern Spain that you just won’t find anywhere else in the country. For starters you’ll get snow capped hillsides to take pictures of which is not the typical image usually associated with Spain. The descending mist that seems to swoop in as quickly as it moves out also provides many opportunities for breath taking photography and views in the moments when it begins to clear and you see beautiful views below just poking through the hole within the glow of white. You can also see the coastline in the distance from various points at the top of the the mountain range.

So there’s my top tips for finding spectacular views in the South of Spain. If you have any of your own please do share! 🙂


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  1. John B says:

    The helicopter ride looks cool!!! I will definitely need to check that out!!!

  2. Great ideas! And I do totally agree, there is plenty places which people visit only to take pictures 🙂 Fully understand! 🙂


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