3 Local Beers To Try In Spain

Sampling local beer while you are travelling has many benefits. Aside from being something new, and a beer you may not be able to experience back home, it is also generally cheaper to drink local beer than it is to drink international brands which may have been imported (this is especially so if you are drinking bottled beer). The following are three local beers that I came across while spending most of the summer in Spain, and that I recommend you try if you happen to be in the country.


Cruzcampo is a very popular local beer in Spain, but more importantly it is very cheap! In most bars in Seville where I was living for most of my time in Spain, I was able to buy a half pint from draft for around €1 .20. 330ml bottles in the bar usually cost around €1. In the corner stores or supermarkets it was possible to buy 1 Litre bottles of Cruzcampo for around €1.30. Obviously, depending on the shop, bar, and size of bottle or glass, prices may vary, but during my time spent in Sevilla prices didn’t seem to waver much beyond this for Cruzcampo from bar to bar, and it didn’t appear to change when I drank Cruzcampo in other surrounding areas of Spain either.


Alhambra is probably one of the best local beers I tried while in Spain this summer. It certainly tastes nicer than Cruzcampo, however it is a little more expensive. For a 330ml bottle in a bar you would typically pay around €2 – €3 depending on the bar. I never seemed to find anywhere with it on draft during my travels in Spain, although I discovered this beer quite late on into my trip, so it is possible I just may not have entered any bars with it on tap. 

Estrella Damm

Estrella Damm is another cheap local Spanish beer like Cruzcampo, with similar prices. Typically, I was paying around €1.10 – €1.20 for a half pint of Estrella Damm in Seville. Bottles, and supermarket prices were also comparable with Cruzcampo, if slightly cheaper at times.

Part of the joy of coming to a new country for me is getting to sample the local beer, cuisine, and culture. For me, there is no point in putting all the effort into travelling if I’m just going to do the same things as I do back home. International brands can be great, but I can drink Heineken and Budweiser anywhere, including back home. The above are some local Spanish beers I recommend you try out if you end up in Spain, and incase your Spanish is as bad as mine was when I first arrived, the word for beer in Spain is” Cerveza”! You may want to remember that! 🙂

4 Responses to “3 Local Beers To Try In Spain”

  1. I’m not a big drinker but for the price these look delicious 🙂 Are you still in Spain or back in Scotland? What are your travel plans like? O, is there any chance I could do a guest post in the future?
    All the best,

    • jane says:

      Hi Leif, I just got back to Scotland last week. Going to be home for at least a month I think, then possibly onto NYC or Buenos Aires. Got lots to do back home though before I can even think about my next adventure though. Send me an email about the guest post.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I used to live in Barcelona and had the pleasure of sampling these adult treats probably more than I should have. My rankings would go 1. Alhambra 2. Cruz Campo and 3. The Budweiser of Barcelona…Estrella “Damm I have a hangover”. Great Post!


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