3 Things To Do In Hawaii Other Than Surfing!

When you think of Hawaii you think of surfing, big waves, and hot surfer dudes… At least that’s what I think of when I think of Hawaii! With tourism being the largest industry in Hawaii, currently making up 24.3% of the Gross State Product, it’s apparent that many people come here every year for just that – the surf. Yet, it would be a mistake to think surfing is all Hawaii has to offer. There is a lot to this group of islands…

Turtle Spotting in Oahu

Did you know that more turtles live in Oahu than any other place in the world? Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay can provide one of the most unique experiences you’ll find around the world, and much more chance of spotting some turtles than you may find anywhere in the world. There are many fantastic Oahu hotels located nearby to great snorkeling areas for spotting turtles! It’s just a case of booking and going!

Paragliding in Maui

Water Sports can be exhilarating, but it’s not the only source of adventure that Hawaii has to offer. Feel the wind in your hair in what is often considered the truest form of flying – paragliding. See the beautiful tropical island from a bird’s eye view. The Proflyght Paragliding School of Maui offers lessons, solo & tandem flights.

Visit the Pacific Aviation Museum

Located in the middle of Ford Island, the Pacific Aviation Museum holds numerous aircraft fighter planes, bombers, and helicopters stored in hangers that survived the attacks of Pearl Harbour. The museum celebrates the aircraft that made such an impact in the Pacific Theatre, and the aircraft mechanics & maintenance personnel who provide the services for the vehicles. If you’re someone who’s fitness is maybe not up to water sports, or you’re looking for something a little different in Hawaii, then this could be a option?

– There is a lot to do in Hawaii other than surfing. Much more so than I could ever put into one post! Hopefully though this article has got you thinking about a whole variety of things you can do once you get there. That’s not to say you couldn’t come here for the surf too… It is one of the best locations in the world for surfing after all, but it’s always nice to expand your viewpoint on somewhere. Pick a good location by searching for Waikiki hotels for instance, and you could position yourself somewhere that gives you the best of both worlds…

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    Mahalo for including us! We’re more than 30 aircraft to explore now. Before you come, download a free flight simulator coupon on our website! Aloha
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