5 Last-Minute (Budget) Destinations to Travel to this Christmas

I’m about to spend yet another Christmas abroad and it got me thinking that there may still be people thinking about a last-minute trip who can’t decide where to go! For that reason, here are my top last-minute destinations to spend this year’s festive period.



If you want near-perfect sunshine weather and an easy lie-by-the-beach style Christmas break, then Tenerife can certainly offer that! There are also some decent hiking routes in the north of the island, a chance to see an active volcano and good spots all around the island for surfing.

  • The cheapest return flight I could find from London to Tenerife was with Ryanair for an amazing £61 return, departing on the 20th Dec and coming back the 27th Dec.



If you’re looking for something a little different from the traditional and a tad more challenging, then head to Marrakesh this Christmas! One of the main reasons I’ve chosen the city is that in the winter, when there is snow on the Atlas mountains, you can actually go skiing not too far from here. At the same time you can relax in the sunshine weather once you’re back down in the city! Winter weather in Marrakesh is usually warmer than a British summer so you have the best of both worlds here plus the Sahara Desert on your doorstep. Can you imagine spending Christmas lying on the desert sand staring at the night stars? It’s magical!

  • The cheapest flight from London I could find at the moment to Marrakesh was just £50 one-way flying with Ryanair on the 16th December. Although your best to wait until January to fly back if you can so as to avoid paying near triple that for your return!



Bucharest is always buzzing around Christmas time and is one of the few destinations on the Eastern European trail that I found wasn’t dead during the winter time. You’ll find plenty of nightlife and culture here, with live music and large tv screens out on the main squares common place during the winter months. It’s also an extremely affordable city and could be the perfect Christmas break for those travelling on a budget – that’s if the even cheaper Marrakesh (mentioned above) is not your cup of tea.

  • The cheapest flights I could find from London to Bucharest was £188 return flying on the 19th and coming back the 26th.



I choose Copenhagen because flights right now are some of the cheapest you’ll find for travel over the festive period!! It’s also just a beautiful city during winter.

  • Flying out on the 20th and coming back the 28th with Ryanair you can get a return from London to Copenhagen for just £81! Given that it’s Christmas I thought that was an excellent deal


barcelona structure on the beach by runaway jane

If you want incredible sunsets, coastal living, city culture and a thriving night life all in one trip, then you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere better than Barcelona! In fact, such is my love for the city I almost moved here!

  • The cheapest return flight I could find right now for spending Christmas in Barcelona (departing from London) was again with Ryanair for £91. That is departing on the 19th Dec and coming back on the 27th.

-There are many great places to spend Christmas, but these are my top last-minute budget getaways this year for over the festive period.


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  1. Claire says:

    Tenerife sounds amazing right now compared to the cold British weather!


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