5 Things to do for Free in London (England)


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London is an expensive city. There is no getting around it. However, whilst certain things in the city might be extortionate, there is actually a surprising amount of things to do for free in London too – if you know where to find them.

Below are 5 examples of things you can do for free in London;

BFI Mediatheque

Probably one of the coolest things to do in London (aside from the fact it’s free) is to access the thousands of archive TV shows, movies, and documentaries on the computer booths at the BFI Mediatheque. Whilst other parts of the British Film Institute building are paid-for activities (such as the cinemas, bars, and exhibition centre), this part if completely free. It’s also something different to do in London compared to other free activities you may find. I personally thing it’s pretty cool.

Skateboard Park

Again, another thing to do for free in London that is a bit different to the norm is to check out the skateboard park beneath Queen Elizabeth Hall. You’ll find it’s popular with a lot of local skateboarders and BMX riders, and there’s an abundance of ramps and surfaces to give it a try yourself (assuming you have bike or skateboard with you.) It’s also a popular spot for graffiti art so even if you’re not taking part in the skating it’s a cool place to bring your camera and take some photos. There’s also a ‘skateboard graveyard’ which is pretty cool nearby on the downstream side of Hungerford foot bridge where all the broken skateboards are ‘laid to rest’.

Temple Church

So the main reason for going here is that it was the setting for a scene in the Da Vinci Code, however it’s also just a rather nice church is another thing you can do for free in London.

Ceremony of the Keys

Every night for the past 700 years or so, the Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London have performed a gate closing ceremony, i.e. the Ceremony of the Keys, at the Tower of London. Any member of the public can view the ceremony for free by writing to the Ceremony of the Keys Office, Tower of London, EC3N 4AB.

Hunterian Museum

This is a strange one but also completely unique so I thought it was worth mentioning. The Hunterian Museum, located at 35 – 43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, is a museum dedicated to the collection of skeletal remains, diseased organs, and other anatomical things. It’s named after John Hunter, one of the first people to apply scientific method to surgery. This is definitely not one for anyone who may be squeamish, but it is most likely different to anything else you may find on your travels in Britain, and of course it’s free.

– If you save money on touristic activities (such as those mentioned above) then you can put that extra money you saved towards things like a nicer hotel in London or a flight instead of a long distance bus to get there. London is an expensive destination at times, but it doesn’t always have to be. Hopefully this post has showed you just that.

3 Responses to “5 Things to do for Free in London (England)”

  1. Sammi says:

    also, sandeman’s do a free london walking tour, and after- if you so wish to join them- you can go to a pub where they do 2 meals for a tenner (things like sausage & mash or fish & chips as i remember) which is pretty good for london.

    and not forgetting there are tons of free museums too!

  2. John says:

    Although they can be difficult to find, there are a myriad of great things to do in London for very little money. Just walking around and looking at all the beautiful buildings can be a great way to spend the day.

    Additionally, many of the museums now provide free admittance. The British Museum is not be missed.

    Great post!


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