5 Things to do for Free in Zagreb


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When you’re travelling it’s always nice to save money! One of the ways I do this on the road is by taking advantage of any free activities there may be on offer. In this case I’m going to be focusing on Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city. Although Zagreb is not an expensive city by European standards, it is the most expensive city in Croatia. For that reason I thought it would be useful to provide you with info on 5 things you can do for free here. If you’re travelling on a shoe string budget in Croatia hopefully this will save you some money!

Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art s(Av. Dubrovnik 17) is free to the public on the first Wednesday of every month. Opening hours are 11am to 6pm, with a variety of art from both international and local Croatian artists.

Zagreb Botanical Garden

When the weather is nice in summer you may want to head down to Zagreb Botanical Garden in downtown Zagreb. The main attraction of the garden is that it is home to over 10,000 different species of plant (including 1,800 exotic plants.) It also happens to be totally free.

Experience Zagreb’s Flea Market

One of the coolest things you can do in Zagreb is hang out at Zagreb’s biggest Flea Market, Hrelic/Jakusevac. You’ll find people selling just about everything here including bikes, cars, clothes, coins, books, and everything in between. Of course, in order for this to be a free activity it means you’ve got to not buy anything, but in my opinion even just hanging out here is a really cool thing to do and a chance to see Zagreb a bit more from a locals perspective.

Street Art Museum

Museum director Ivana Vuksic recently started an interesting initiative to bring art to the streets of Zagreb which currently lack any cultural content or activity. Working with local urban street artists she’s brought art to 3 areas of Zagreb. These are Branimirova Street, Dugave, and Siget. They’re calling it the Zagreb Street Art Museum, but in actual fact it’s situated in several area (see those mentioned above) and being open air is free to the public. I personally think it’s a really cool way to get people to visit areas of Zagreb they may never have otherwise.

Free events in Zagreb

Every weekend from April through to September there are events held throughout the city centre of Zagreb. In Zrinjevac for instance you’ll find musical acts performing everything from jazz through to rock music. In Maskimir Park you’ll find performances that includes waltzes, polkas, and chansons.

Zagreb is a really cool city regardless of whether you take part in only free activities or not, but hopefully if you are on a really tight budget in the city this list will help you when you’re there.

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  1. Jack McCann says:

    Thanks for this! I will use it in Zagreb when I get there next week!

  2. This is a great list, and also a great idea for a post. I didn’t know that the Museum of Contemporary Art is free to public every Wednesday. I’ll check that out next time I am in Zagreb. Zagreb has many parks, and besides Botanical Garden, other parks are interesting to visit too (Maksimir Park, Lake Jarun, Medvednica Mountain, Zrinjevac, etc.). Thanks for sharing, Jane!


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