5 Tips For Traveling As A Couple

Today’s guest post is by Sofia from As We Travel. Nathan and Sofia have been blogging about their travels since 2008, and have traveled together to a variety of destinations including Oceania, South East Asia, and Europe. Here, Sofia gives us her top 5 tips for traveling together as a couple.

Nathan and I have been traveling together since 2008, and these last two years have been the best of my life, but I’m not denying that we have gone through some really rough patches to get here, and I can probably thank traveling together for – I believe that traveling with someone is the ultimate relationship test.

It’s when you set out on a trip together, that you really get to know each other. You live so close 24/7, face so many new challenges and there is no escape from each other.

If you can survive a trip together you can overcome anything in life.

As with everything in life it will either grow or die – either your relationship dies and you go separate ways or you grow together stronger as a couple, and whichever it turns out to be is completely up to you and your actions.

Here are 5 tips that we find made our travels together the most amazing thing it could be:

1. Honest Communication

Communication is the key to it all, without any communication you can count yourself out of the game. The tricky thing is that often you think you’re communicating – but you’re not.

After a while on the road we realized the difference between hearing and listening, as well as talking and communicating.

We heard each other, but misinterpreted what was said. Not because we wanted to, but because we simply talked to each other in a way that didn’t get the message through the right way.

Everyone is different, and to reach a person you talk in different ways. I spoke to Nathan the way I wanted him to talk to me, which wasn’t the best way to reach him.

Of course you should never change your personality for anyone, but small changes in the way you say things can change the whole outcome – and a lot of this comes down to honesty, and really caring to understand each other 100%.

2. Compromise & Win/Win Action

When you travel with someone you don’t always want to do the same thing as the other person, and that can sometimes make things a bit tricky, especially if both have strong wills – like we are.

The best way to avoid fights and other sticky situations that can happen is knowing how to compromise. Being stubborn will just create frustration and resentment from one or both of you.

If your partner really wants to go somewhere you don’t really feel like, show some love anyway and join in – it might turn out to be a lot more fun than you thought!

Then next time you really want to do something he doesn’t – your partner will probably do the same for you and take part in your plans. Whatever it is that you disagree about, try to find a way to make both ends meet and make it win/win for everyone.

3. Create Me Time

We found that creating some time for ourselves was so important when traveling as a couple.

We set up two hours every day for ‘personal time’, and as long as we respected each others privacy space it worked great even sitting in the same room.

Privacy space doesn’t necessarily mean having a lot of empty space around you or being away from each other, just some time to do whatever you want without being interrupted, some time to be quiet and alone.

Then of course you shouldn’t hesitate to go separate ways for a few hours. If there is something you really want to do or check out and your partner doesn’t, this is a great time to do it while your partner sunbathes on the beach.

4. Don’t blame each other, take it collectively

OK, you missed your bus and have to buy new tickets. That sucks, but bad things happen all the time, and when they do you need to grow a pair. Don’t put the blame on the other person even though it might be his/her fault. Take the consequences together. You’re a team and need to work as one no matter what.

5. Get A Private Room

Sleeping in a dorm every night with 10 other backpackers simply takes the romance away.

That extra money spent on a private room pays off well – besides there is often not much of a price difference.

Look for hostels where they charge per room rather than per person, we found that they were cheaper, and this gives you a real chance to enjoy each other the way couples should.

Well there you have 5 simple tips which if put into practice will make traveling with your partner so much fun – remember sharing the world with someone else really does magnify the experience of situations!

Sofia – www.AsWeTravel.com

9 Responses to “5 Tips For Traveling As A Couple”

  1. oh awesome! thanks for posting this on your site – hope all the couples out there can get some value from this – and have many more enjoyable trips together! 🙂

  2. Chinamatt says:

    My relationship with my wife started with travel–we took a short New Year’s trip after dating for less than a month. And we travel whenever we can (just more difficult with less income coming in). It’s definitely important to plan sightseeing together and choose something for each of you–sometimes the places I want to go aren’t places my wife wants (though she usually admits to enjoying them after).

  3. Getting a private room is definately a yes from me! 😉
    Poi and I have spoken about all these tips before to make sure that we don’t get sick of each other 🙂

  4. Janne says:

    Some really good points here! We’ve spent a lot of time together travelling and working – being together 24/7. Even if you really like each other this can be pretty stressful at times. It’s really important to leave each other some space and be tolerant. Otherwise the relationship doesn’t work.

  5. Really enjoyed this article, some great tips. Matt and I have been travelling together for a while now and if there is one thing ive learnt it is that compromise is key! We do not always want the same thing or want to go to the same places but the least you can do for one another is give it a go! I’d love to hear some more of your thoughts on ‘travelling couples’, keep up the good work.

  6. Steve says:

    I’m going to use these tips in less than a month when I am traveling through Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It will be the first time that I’ve traveled with my girlfriend and I want to make sure that everything goes well. We already spend all our time around each other though so I don’t think it will be difficult, but I know traveling with someone is different.

  7. Heather says:

    #5 is key – it’s totally worth the extra money to have your own room.

  8. I have been traveling with my boyfriend, Rob, for just over three months of our year-long trip (we celebrated our 100th day in Saigon just last week) and can wholeheartedly agree with these tips.

    Sometimes I find that when traveling as a couple, as apposed to alone (which I am used to), it is more difficult to meet other travelers – they see you are with the person you love and the tendency is to ‘leave them to it’. We always make a special effort to be as open and friendly as possible – we don’t sit smooching in the guest house bar for hours on end. We’ve paid for the double room so if we want to do that…well, there’s a time and a place 😉

    For me, one of the best things about traveling is the people you meet – and being one half of a couple doesn’t have to change that.


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