7 Links Project: 7 Posts From My Archives

I was nominated recently by Jessica and Dani from The  Globetrotter Girls to take park in 7 links project. The project, for anyone who doesn’t know, was started by Tripbase, with the goal to unite bloggers in a joint endeavour, and create a bank of blog posts that may be buried in our archives, but deserve to see the light of day again!

So here are mine:

1. My most beautiful post

My most beautiful post I feel is this Photo of the Week of Inverness Castle. I was very fortunate to be up in the North of Scotland during this perfect blue sky day. I caught the picture with my Canon Powershot. Considering I was using a point and shoot style camera, I have to give credit here to my beautiful surroundings, and not my own photography skills!

2. My most popular post

My most popular post so far has been my Top 5 Things to do in Amsterdam. It’s had 4,467 stumbles, and 235 facebook “likes”. There are other posts which have since had more visitors than this post on my site, however, they have all been from search engine traffic that has come long after the post has been written. I feel this post, due to the type of traffic it received, and how it was so instant too, is actually more of a true representation of my most popular post, and is why I have included it here!

3. My most controversial post

Possibly my most controversial post was this article I wrote on The Downsides to Travelling Green. I’m very much someone who is interested in travelling in ways which are more environmentally friendly, however, sometimes it can be hard. All too often people point out the benefits, but forget to mention the other side of the coin too. For instance, travelling green over long distances can often be much more expensive, and of course time consuming. I still choose regularly not to take a flight, but I think it’s important to be aware of the downsides so that we can improve upon them, and hopefully one day have a green alternative available to flying, which is both cost efficient and fast! Overall, the reception I got to this post was very positive. However, the topic I feel was controversial in the sense that I feel no one is really willing to talk about topics like these often.

4. My most helpful post

With every post on RunawayJane.com, I hope there is something in there that someone will find useful in some way. Even if it’s just a small tip for a good local restaurant, or a way to save money on your travels, I always try to include something which will help people, even in posts which aren’t specifically tips orientated. If I had to pick my most helpful however, I would probably say my article on What to do when you lose your passport abroad. The reason I chose this post as my most helpful one was simply because of the subject matter. I know only too well how bad things can get if you lose your passport abroad or have it stolen. Even if you lose all your money, bank cards, and belongings, if you still have your passport you can get home, and also get money if your are stuck! Without it however, things become particularly complicated. Knowing what to do if you lose your passport abroad is something I feel everyone should be clued up on before they go travelling.

5. A post who’s success surprised me

The post who’s success surprised me the most was by far and away my Top 5 Places To Spend New Years Eve. I’ll be honest. When I wrote this article, I was really just trying to make sure I got something posted that day. New Years Eve was just around the corner, and so I decided to do a quick post on the top places to spend it. In three hours, this post got over 5000 unique visitors from search engine traffic alone. It was crazy. I actually should have put this as my most popular post, however as the traffic was almost all search engine orientated, I didn’t think it was true reflection of what was my most popular, i.e. engaging, post. It seemed the SEO was much more prevalent when it came to this post, which is why I chose not to list it as my most popular post, however it was certainly the biggest surprise I got from the success of a post

6. A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

My post detailing my Top 10 Tips For Making Your Travel Fund Stretch Farther didn’t get a huge amount of attention. The tips contained in it are pretty simple, and a lot of it probably common sense, but they are all things that I do during my travels and help me to save a lot of money! Sometimes the most simple way is often the best way, and I think for those starting out this post could be useful, and therefore I feel for that reason I wanted to highlight it in this category.

7. The post that I am most proud of

Probably the post I’m most proud of is the article Is There Such A Thing As A Travel Snob? The reason I feel most proud about this article is because it condemns those travellers who look down on others as not as good as them, and asks people to be tolerant and accepting of others.

So now it’s your turn Journey Tom, Reclaiming My Future, New Adventures In Backpacking, Nomadic Matt,  and Life Remotely!


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