8 Cities in Europe with Hostels for Under £5

Cozyness Downtown Hostel Bucharest

Using a range of hostel booking sites, I’ve compiled a list of what I believe are the 8 cheapest cities in Europe (for hostel prices). If you’re travelling on a budget, hopefully this will help you when trip planning for Europe.

Please note: Any hostel mentioned here is not a recommendation. I’m just telling you what the cheapest price I found was across a range of hostel booking websites. It’s up to you to determine the quality. Additionally, all prices are based on staying in the largest dorm room available.

1.Chisinau, Moldova

The cheapest hostel (and one of the cheapest cities) I found for travel anywhere in the new year was Chisinau Chill Hostel in Chisinau, Moldova. In the off-season I was literally finding prices for £3.38 per night which was just unbelievable! Across the board though hostels in this city were cheap as chips and so for that reason it comes joint top of my list!

1. Belgrade, Serbia

The cheapest hostel for under £5 per night that I could find in Belgrade was Good Morning Hostel Belgrade for £3.38 per night, tying with Chisinau Chill Hostel in Moldova for the cheapest price I could find during the off-season. From my experience though, Belgrade in general is just a cheap city no matter where you stay compared to Western European prices.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

The third cheapest hostel I could find was in Istanbul, Turkey. At Best Island Hostel I was finding prices on hostel booking websites for as little as £3.45 per night. This actually surprised me as Turkey is, generally speaking, a little more expensive than its neighbour Bulgaria in my experience (not much more, but Istanbul in particular is a little more expensive than say Sofia). However, it came in 3rd in my hostels under a fiver list!

4. Krakow, Poland

Coming in at 4th was Rover Hostel in Krakow at £3.79 per night. Again, another cheap city in another cheap country. Poland is a great place to travel if you are on a budget and this just goes to show how cheap it can get for the budget travellers of you out there.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, whilst not as cheap as it once used to be, still has an abundance of hostels all competing for business which drives prices down! That means that whilst the prices of a beer has gone up, the price of a hostel has not gone up so much in comparison. The cheapest hostel I could find in Prague during the off season was the Czech Inn at £4.03 per night.

6. Budapest, Hungary

Yet another great city for affordable hostels! The cheapest hostel I could find in Budapest was Your Mom’s Hostel at £4.04 per night. However, even if you didn’t stay here, there are plenty of other cheap hostels available in Budapest to choose from.

7. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina came in 7th on this list of hostels under £5 with 4U Hostel at £4.66 per night. Although I should add a warning here as the hostel appears to be new and didn’t have any ratings yet on hostel booking sites, so please do your research before booking just to be sure!

8. Sofia, Bulgaria

And last but not least, Sofia, Bulgaria – what is probably the cheapest capital city in Europe by general cost of living! Hostels are also cheap, but as far as the cheapest hostels ever in Europe – it finishes in 8th place at £4.99 per night at Hostel Mostel. However, I should add that Hostel Mostel is the one hostel I can recommend on this list as I’ve stayed in it and they do the best free breakfast (including waffles!!)



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