About Jane

When I was 17 I booked a one-way ticket to Australia after saving up every penny from the pay check of my first job. I still remember that feeling of exhilaration I had upon arrival at Melbourne Airport, and it’s a feeling I haven’t quite been able to shift ever since. I became hooked on travel, and over the following years I travelled extensively around Europe, parts of North Africa and South America, whilst at the same time becoming a full-time travel writer & blogger in 2010.

What I didn’t expect when I started out on this journey was how much travel would change me as a person. I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life on the road, but I’ve also witnessed first-hand the great poverty and inequality that exists on this planet too – and it has been that which seems to be shaping my life now going forward…

In October 2014 I decided to go back to university and study for a degree in International Studies, a course which features heavily on understanding the route causes of inequality (with a politics and economics base.) In May 2015 I decided to change this blog to stop focusing on destinations so much for the purposes of tourism, and instead place more of a focus on the social issues that impact people around the world. It’s still very much in the transition phase, but I hope you stick around to find out more.