Can a backpacker go to Disneyland?

When you think of the top backpacking destinations in the world, the places most signified with a backpacking adventure, I’m sure Disneyland is probably not among them! Typically, Disneyland is not associated with this style of travel. It’s aimed at kids, families, and people with a bit more of a budget than your average “living off bread and cereal” backpacker. So my question to you is can a backpacker go to Disneyland?


If you want to book an all inclusive holiday to Disneyland then of course it is going to cost you money, but if say you happen to be somewhere like Paris for instance, passing through for a few days on an independent trip through Europe, it’s actually not so bad. You can get¬†adult Disneyland Paris tickets for 49 GBP, which gets you access to 2 parks all day long. With any attraction, it is going to cost you money, but when you consider that this is a whole days worth of entertainment, in my personal opinion it’s quite a fair price. Alternatively, if you are travelling as a family, and are really looking to get the most out of Disney World, it is possible to get cheap Disney tickets with offers such as 14 days for the price of 7.


I think sometimes places like Disneyland are more fun when you are an adult than when you are a child! After about the age of 8 I don’t think kids really enjoy these kinds of places as much as the really young kids do. At least, this was certainly the case for me as a child when I went to Disneyland in Orlando, Florida. Going as an adult however was extremely fun! I mean, who does’t want their picture taken with Mickey??? ūüôā Getting to be a big kid again can sometimes be more fun for the adults than it can for the kids, so I certainly wouldn’t ever rule it out.


Disneyland seems to have a park in almost every continent! The most popular parks to us in the UK and Western Europe¬†however are Disneyland Paris, and Orlando, Florida. If you’re taking kids I would personally recommend Orlando as it has more in it, and there are also a lot of other similar themed parks nearby for the other days of your holiday. For backpackers however, I would recommend Paris. You can have a¬†fun filled day at the park reliving your childhood, and then follow that up the next day with things like the Louvre, and The Eiffel Tower, which are just not available in places like Florida.

Disneyland certainly isn’t the number one backpacker destination, and never will be. It can be fun though, to do something cheesy, ironic, and just out of the ordinary for your trip sometimes!

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  1. Audrey says:

    I’m a backpacker and I want to go back to Disney!!! Haha! I went as a kid, but I must admit, I was kind of scared to go on some of the rides, and looking back I totally missed out.


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