Can you still be sexy and be a backpacker?

I recently wrote a post on travel underwear, and how to cover all bases when packing underwear for your travels, but it also got me thinking… Can you be sexy and be a backpacker? The reason I ask is that with limited space available to pack all our possessions into a backpack, we often sacrifice many of the things we take for granted back home that make us feel and look good. For instance, I have around 6 or 7 pairs of shoes back home to suit all occasions, whether I’m wearing a little black dress, or just kicking about in my jeans. On the road however, I only bring 2 pairs, or 3 if you include the pair that I’m wearing. There is no such thing as a choice of more elaborate underwear for instance, as you only have room to pack the basics. Also, things like hair dryers and straighteners (flat irons) are often unable to fit, and there is no such thing as a make-up box when you’re on the road, only what you can fit into a little pouch or zip pocket of you bag.

You may also find when travelling that you can no longer afford all the nice clothes you could buy while you were living back home. Every time I go clothes shopping now, I find it hard to buy anything because I always equate it into how many days of travel I could get with the same amount of money. Before I was a traveller, I would spend hundreds of pounds in high street stores buying the latest fashion, but as much as I would like to have nice clothes, I’d much rather have more time travelling!

Somehow though, I still think backpacker can look and feel sexy. I myself, always look way better when I’m out on the road without all my possessions and I believe that’s down to several factors.

1. Lot’s of fresh air and sunshine!

When I’m travelling, I am out side in the sunshine and fresh air so much more than I am back home, cooped up trying to save money or working. As a result I often find my skin is in much better condition when I’m on the road, because I’m outdoors all the time, eating local produce, going for long walks, and just generally living healthier.

2. I’m more active

Following on with the first point, I always loose weight when I’m on my travels. Like I said, when I’m home I’m either working, or saving for the next trip, so when I am actually travelling I make a point to be really active, do lot’s of adventure sports, and also just lot’s of walking. Walking is the best way to save money on transport, and I walk everywhere when I’m travelling. Overall it just leaves me with a much more active lifestyle, and a much thinner waistline!

3. Eating lot’s of fresh produce, and local food

One thing I am guilty of back home is feeding on junk food. It’s so readily available in the UK, and as we don’t have the climate to produce some of the foods I love when I’m abroad, I find I tend to gorge on the bad stuff! When I’m travelling however, it’s so easy to go out and eat what’s fresh at the market stalls, or taste some organic home produce. My diet is just overall much better when I’m travelling, which again, makes me loose weight, and does wonders for my complexion.

4. The Natural Look

Sometimes the laid back look is pretty cool. Of course every female traveller wants to feel hot sometimes, but who says you’re not hot in your jeans and t-shirt? 😉 Also, the worldly windswept look always makes people look cool, and you can’t help but draw that look when you are out on the road!

5. Happy Times

I don’t know about you, but when I’m happy I always look better. Sometimes just a smile can go a long way in presenting yourself, but when you’re doing that naturally you always look better. Travel makes me happy, and when I’m happy I just look and feel so much better.

As travellers, we may have fewer resources when it comes to looking hot, but sometimes all you need is a bit of sunshine, fresh air, and your natural beauty. If all else fails, you can always whip out the bikini! Although that may not be advisable for any guys reading! 😉

7 Responses to “Can you still be sexy and be a backpacker?”

  1. ayngelina says:

    On the road you have to redefine what is sexy, you’re right it’s all about being fresh and natural. I’d be considered a disaster at home but here I’m basking in a new definition which sometimes means just feeling good because my clothes are clean!

  2. Jaime D. says:

    I know its way diff for men then women but ja ja I love this cus I have actually thought this. Im not sure what or how I am going to pack but I know for sure I am going to have to bring some going out (cute clubbing) clothes. I dont know how but Ill make it work. At least for my Europe leg of my RTW trip…lol!!! I have to be looking cute to impress the men 😉

  3. Jorl says:

    Ummm… I got stuck at “corset” – evidently the answer to the question is yes, because it’s all about state of mind.

  4. Gray says:

    The sexiest person in the world is the person who is comfortable in their own skin and exudes self-confidence (but isn’t egotistical–fine line, there). The exterior trappings aren’t as important, in my opinion. So to answer your question, yes you can still be sexy if you’re a backpacker.

  5. Laura says:

    Completely agree with Ayngelina. There are days when I feel like a tomboy and just wish I could curl (or even blowdry) my hair, but you just have to redefine ‘sexy’. Backpacking clothes aren’t always attractive, but like you, my skin looks better from being in the sun and I usually have a smile on my face!

  6. Hey Jane, love the post. Will be using it for the next FTU for sure 🙂


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