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Review of FeetUp Garden House, Barcelona

I recently stayed at FeetUp Garden House Hostel in Barcelona for 3 nights. These were my thoughts of the hostel: Rooms I stayed in a private twin room at FeetUp Garden House. Whilst I would say the best part of this hostel is outside of the rooms (e.g. the garden, terrace and common rooms) my […]

Review; Casa Gracia, Barcelona

I spent my first 3 nights in Barcelona staying at Casa Gracia, one of the new breed of luxury hostels in the city. These were my thoughts: Rooms Casa Gracia really caters to all markets when it comes to the choice of rooms. For example, you can stay in a private double room with an en-suite like […]

Tips for Renting an Apartment in London / Review of FlipKey

Whether it’s a £4 a night hostel in Bolivia or a £220 a night luxury suite in a Scottish castle, I’ve experienced every range of the budget when it comes to accommodation on the road. For me, whilst my budget will always have a threshold, it’s value-for-money that is most important. In big cities, like London in particular, this can sometimes be hard […]

10 Cheapest Cities in South America (for hostel prices)

Choosing where you travel in the world can make a big difference as to how long you can travel too. If a country or city is cheaper to live in then you can last much longer there than you can somewhere more expensive on your travel cash. With that in mind I thought it would […]

Premier Inn Newcastle Quayside Review

This past weekend I stayed at the Premier Inn Newcastle Quayside hotel. For those of you who may not know, the Premier Inn (formerly known as the Travel Inn), is the largest UK hotel brand with over 650 hotels and 50,000 rooms. They focus primarily on the budget end of the market, offering affordably priced hotels rooms across the UK. It […]

Hostel of the Month – Haggis Hostel (Edinburgh, Scotland)

On every trip I’ve been on since I started travelling 7 years ago I’ve always chosen hostelling as my main method of accommodation. It’s the most affordable way for a solo traveller such as myself to travel and it’s also the easiest way that I’ve found on the road to meet other travellers. I owe some of […]

Are hostels safer than hotels?

So here’s the thing – in the past hostels have gotten a bit of bad reputation as a method of accommodation to use whilst travelling. So much so that even years on from their darker days and with many luxury hostels popping up all over the place lately (with swimming pools, spas, the lot), you’ll still find […]


What can a hotel do to make your stay better?

What can a hotel do to make your stay that bit more comfortable? Is there something that they can do to make your stay more unique or simply make you sleep better? Travel Lodge (one of the UK’s largest budget hotel chains with over 500 properties) has recently launched a Cosmic Night Sky Panorama hotel […]

YHA Hostels VS Chains & Independents

YHA (Youth Hostel Association) hostels are distinctly different to those not in the association. This has always been my experience having stayed in all kinds of hostels many times all over the world. The main reason for this is that the association has a strict list of rules and guidelines of what a hostel must […]

Hostel World VS Hostel Bookers – Part 2

I wrote an article many moons ago on my site comparing the two top dogs when it comes to hostel booking websites – and The online world moves at a super fast pace, and seeing as these are both online brands I think it’s about time I did a 2012 update of that post! […]